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A basic coated hydrogen controlled electrode designed for all positional welding (except vertical down) of carbon and medium tensile steels and mild steels. Welding Consumables, Equipment, Automation, Accessories, Supplies and Manual and Mechanized Cutting. ESAB. Product catalogue 5th edition. Standard Equipment and Welding Automation Product catalogue *ยบ. ESAB. * >. Contents. – – MMA equipment 3. Welding.

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A basic coated low hydrogen electrode combining good all positional running characteristics with consistent weld metal properties down to deg. Stoody Self-Hardening is a general purpose solid core hardfacing electrode that offers a good balance of impact and abrasion resistance.

Rutile coated electrode for welding 19Cr10Ni-type steels. Useful for bridging gaps.

The evenness of the weld and the smooth transition of the base material make jointsproduced with rutile electrodes at least as good in terms of fatigue strength as unmachined joints produced using basic electrodes. A rutile iron powder electrode for high productivity fillet welding. The tough weld metal has excellent crack resistance, even when welding ste Tensile properties Unless otherwise stated, tensile properties refer to all weld metal test pieces prepared according to the rules of the classification societies using 4 and 6mm diameter electrodes.

Stoody Build-Up LH deposit is a low alloy steel designed for low severity metal-to-metal wear. Lateral expansion of min. Open the catalogue to page High alloy stainless electrode of unusual versatility, giving a ferritic-austenic duplex weld metal caralogue an approximate ferrite content of FN Celtian is a cellulosic electrode especially developed for vertical down welding.


Official approval In addition to the official approval given in this catalogue, many OK electrodes are approved by foreign authorities, railway boards, electrose companies and so on.

It provides good impact toughness levels. Extra-low carbon stainless steel electrode for welding steels of the 19 Cr 10 Ni-type. Basic MMA electrode depositing an austenitic-ferritic weld metal, which is highly resistant to cracking.

Welding Consumables | Products & Solutions | ESAB

Electrove weld metal is also The electrode is tolerant to wide variations in the analyses of the base metal. Privacy Policy Legal Notice. Rutile MMA electrode depositing an austenitic-ferritic weld metal, which is highly resistant to cracking. Care must be taken during storage and handling to prevent moisture being re-absorbed. Stainless electrodes arepacked in polyethylene boxes with a re-sealablelid Figure 3.

OK 13Mn is an austenitic manganese steel electrode which work hardens under impact and compressive stresses. Rutile coated electrode for welding 18Cr12Ni3Mo-type steels.

The Online Industrial Exhibition. The electrode is designed for touch welding, giving datalogue The rather high ferrite content provi The slag from basic electrodes has a lower melting point than that from rutile or acid electrodes.

The risk of slag inclusions during normal production welding is therefore unusually small when basic electrodes are catlogue, even if the slag is not completely removed between beads during multi-run welding. Basic electrodes are less Easy-to-weld rutile type electrode for welding in the flat position.


It gives less spatter than most other rutile electrodes, the slag is easy to remove and the weld bead is smooth and even. A high quality rutile electrodespecially designed for esqb and overhead welding of mild steel plate and pipe [Read more]. Basic stainless electrode of the L-type designed for positional welding such as piping.

The running characteristics are very good. Ferrite will transform to brittle phases The slag is normally not quite as easy to remove as the slag from acid or rutileelectrodes, but, in spite of this, it can be classed as easily detachable. It is also us Multinational manufacturing, localrepresentation and an internationalnetwork of electtode distributors brings the benefits of ESAB quality and unrivalled expertise in materials and processes within reach of all our customers, An austenitic electrode designed for welding high tensile steels, cataligue armour plate, and for joining stainless steel to mild and low alloy steels.

Electrodes that have been removed from their hermetically-sealed container.