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Glossary:ERTMS. Redirect page. Jump to: navigation, search. #REDIRECT Glossary:European rail traffic management system (ERTMS). This glossary was initiated by the International Union of Railways (UIC) in order to There is no escaping the fact that ERTMS as a system was designed and. ERTMS. ERTMS is the abbreviation for European Rail Traffic Management System. Railtransport. Do you regularly transport goods via the same route?.

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Mobile Radio for Railway Networks in Europe. This section needs additional citations for verification. This web site uses cookies. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Views Read Edit View history. In a development plan first mentioned the creation of the European Rail Traffic Management System.

It aims to greatly enhance safety, increase efficiency of train transports and enhance glssary interoperability of rail transport in Europe.

The European Rail Industry association www. For each term, you will find the translations, variants of the term, subject fields and grammatical information.

And some active players were willing to overcome the situation with a new Baseline definition, not suited for immediate action. After definition of ETCS Baseline 3 in about and starting of implementation in multiple countries with Baseline 3 Release 2 in summerit is again possible to direct attention to operational management requirements of payloads.


UIC – Terminology Date of issue: European Train Control System. Danske Statsbaner – Danish Railways www.

The European Rail Traffic Management System

Polskie Linie Kolejowe – Polish Railways www. Mixed operation is a strategy where the wayside signalling is equipped with both ETCS and a conventional Class B system. Many terms are thus unfamiliar and their meaning ill-understood in other languages. Global System for Mobile Communications – Railways.

Deutsche Bahn – German State Railways www. The service includes ensuring compliance with editorial conventions, DTP, follow up of translation, proofreading and conversion into the format required for the various distribution modes We provide data entry and document formatting services text, drawings, graphics.

Movement Authority MA is the permission for a train to move to a specific location within the constraints of the infrastructure and with supervision of speed [14]. When transmitting a MA, it glossry the end of the last section given in the MA [14].

European Rail Traffic Management System – Wikipedia

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. You can find other UIC products at www. Our Newsletter wil keep you regularly informed of our latest publications UIC Leaflets, technical reports, proceedings With this implementation strategy the wayside signalling cost is kept to a minimum, but the vehicle fleet that operates on these lines will need to all be equipped with ETCS on board to allow operation. Please note that prices will reflect all eventual discounts as soon as you are logged on.


European Railway Agency www.

Currently, both ‘clean’ and mixed systems are being deployed in Europe and around the world. Retrieved 9 February International Union of Railways www. To illustrate this, long running trains like Eurostar or Thalys must have 6 to 8 different train protection systems.

Glossary | ERTMS

In further development stalled for some reasons. We provide UIC documents in electronic format and hard copy as well as document formating services.

European Railways Research Institute www. The RBC checks whether it is possible to allocate a train to the route and then informs the interlocking system that a train is allocated to the route. We also offer formatting services for other types of publication reports, booklets, brochures, flyers, business cards, sleeves, etc.