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El túnel has ratings and reviews. Glenn said: One of the giants of Latin American literature, Ernesto Sábato () lived most of his. Buy TUNELUL by ERNESTO SABATO (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. Writers: Ernesto Sábato (novel) (as Ernesto Sabato), Carlos A. Cornejo ( screenplay) | 3 more credits». Stars: Jane Seymour, Peter Weller, Manuel de Blas | See.

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In fact, I think that I could easily turn this novel of obsession into a romantic comedy, but I think that Woody Allen has already made a career of it. This book isn’t for everyone, I can guarantee that.

The Tunnel by Ernesto Sábato – review

I don’t get it. View all 33 comments. It feels like waking up from a terrible nightmare. I had first read it in early This is a very fine book about the desperate loneliness of romantic obsession. Rainbow Drive TV Movie The narrator stalks her and tries different probable combinations to bring his chances of meeting her from null to desirable outcome, he keeps on mediating about these combinations to insanity and always tries to comfort himself when the fear of getting it altogether wrong strikes him by carefully deliberating each of them.

It isn’t that I don’t reason things. So why is sabati called The Tunnel?

The opening line of the novel: The main character is a painter, Juan Pablo Castel, who gets obsessed with one of his gallery’s visitors, Maria. Invitado as Tomas Saez Jaime Toja When he gets passionate over someone or something, he fully dedicate himself to it – to the point of nearly reaching the brink of madness, and when he finally broke, the outcome was terrible.


Out of this disconnect, Castel’s obsessive thoughts lead him to all sorts of irrational doubts about the love he has come to believe that they have for one another. According to the BBC he “won some of the most prestigious prizes in Hispanic literature” and “became very influential in the literary world throughout Latin America”. Sabato’s oeuvre includes three novels: How can I stop when I’m addicted to what Castel has to say?

The second is regarded as his masterpiece, though he nearly burnt it like many of his other works. Runelul please explain where I am going wrong. Sabaho especially liked the part when he hastily wrote her a letter, mailed it, thought better of it, and then tried to get the letter back from the rather Stalinist postal employee. I think that is what you would call an arresting opening. Cada segundo que paso sin verte es una interminable tortura.

It later becomes clear that she is married to a blind man named Allende and lives on Posadas Street in the northern part of the city.

El Túnel – Wikipedia

Please add book cover 4 20 Jun 29, Published January 28th by Booket first published You know I was going to review this book but tunelhl it occurred to me that I would never know if you have read my review. The atmosphere, tundlul presence and attitudes of the other visiting relatives, and realizing Hunter’s jealousy all feed into Castel’s paranoia, forcing him to flee the ranch with little more than a word to one of the service staff.


Apr 07, Talrubei rated it it was amazing Shelves: Some of the scenes are almost comically pathetic in showing the neurosis of Juan Pablo Castel and his obsession for Maria. The way he wrote it, you can almost feel this hate-passion of his in your heart.

What a stupid illusion that had been! She never arrives, confirming his negative feelings. Es una lectura breve pero intensa. Juan Pablo Castel es un pintor incomprendido. At another point, Ernessto conveys how he was blinded by the painful glare of his own shyness and at still another, how his blindness prevented him from seeing a flaw in an idea.

Upon returning home to Buenos Aires, Castel passionately composes a ernestk letter, accusing her of sleeping with Hunter, which he immediately regrets upon mailing to her. Edit Cast Complete credited cast: Hell, I could even find myself relating to him and for that I am deeply disturbed