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2/ LZN 91 Tools and Instruments 3 RBS Maintenance Manual all other Ericsson products using the product number to identify each product. The manual is intended as an overview of the Ericsson RBS .. as well as the indoor version RBS will be given in the. We have RBS DXUA BOE 14/1 R16B in stock. RBS is an indoor macro base station, we have all version in this store. If you need more.

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We can ship you samples and send you pictures of product details.

Introduction Introduces this manual. Reduce the risk of accidents by studying all the instructions carefully before starting work.

Disable the Handover button in the Cell Selection menu. Fan 5 should not be replaced. It is important to remember to verify that the information on the disk is up to date when using this alternative. Glossary Explains terms and abbreviations. The RBS is powered from batteries. RBS is an indoor macro base bte, we have all version in this store.

ericsson+bts+RBS+ datasheet & applicatoin notes – Datasheet Archive

Due to varying configurations and unique site requirements, local installation documentation should be consulted if in doubt as to which HW RU a given circuit breaker or fuse corresponds.

The TRU should slide in to its position without need of extreme force. BFU2 will not stop flashing until the power communication loop is fully operational again. Always perform the routines in the same order as they appear in the table. Cable information for backplanes can be found in the chapter “Cable Connections”.


If a discoloured or deformed battery is found during the inspection, replace all batteries in the same battery box at the same time. Is the fault still present? Check that the cable connector is fastened properly to the PSU. Place the TRU sub-rack on top of the air duct.

The value must be 2. Only Replaceable Units RUs are handled. Reconnect the external ESB cables to the connection field. Put the IDM back temporarily. Refer to the section “Test Equipment ” in the chapter “Tools and Instruments”. For product numbers of replaceable units and other spare parts, seeSpare Parts Catalogue, Appendix B.

Send your message to this supplier. Loosen the four screws, two on each side, which hold the fan tray in the cabinet.

However, in the text below, only the designation ALNA is used. Yes 11 Check the cables, connectors and the backplane switches 12 The fault still No present? RBS is an indoor macro base station, we have all version in this store. These regulations will also determine the limitations of working under severe weather conditions. Check connector pins on the back of the RUs in the extension cabinet. Choose Cell Selection in the Control menu.

PSU Ericsson BTS GSM – telecommunicationbts

Make a request to the OMC operator to activate the cell s. Your email address is incorrect! For certain work, additional training or special training may be required.

It describes procedures that have to be done before sending a field technician to the site. Ericssson will successively be marked on the front with a coloured label showing frequency and encryption. We promise repair and replace the faulty plates, feedback cycle for 24 hours. Proceed to step 8.


No action is given for this cause. Remove the DXU sub-rack. Testing The RBS is tested before the field technician leaves the site. Note that an RU with a processor, which cannot be loaded, is classified as a sub-RU.

GSM BOE 602 14/1 R16B RBS 2202 Ericsson BTS base station DXU-21A all tested

sricsson Check that the cable is properly connected to the CDU. Hazard Beryllium Oxide dust is created by chafing, filing or breakage. Warranty terms with half a year later. This will set the TRU in local mode. Connect the AC mains to the connection field on top of the cabinet.

The flowchart s in the chapter Fault Localisation that concern the faulty unit s is read. Make a test call according to one of the following alternatives: On 5 Replace the primary protectors 6 Alarm indicator Off status? Disconnect the opto bus cables connected to the BFU. Warranty terms with half a year later.

Please enter 20 to characters to contact this supplier! Alarm will be sent to main supervision before the DC supply of the load is disconnected.