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This type of writing is also called an apologetics letter or an apology. Although neither author nor recipient is known for certain, the Letter to Diognetus purports . Letter to Diognetus, an early Christian apologetic work probably dating from the 2nd or 3rd century ad. It is often included with the works of the Apostolic Fathers, . The Epistle TO Diognetus. CHAPTER 1 Since I see, most excellent Diognetus , that thou art exceedingly anxious to understand the religion of the Christians.

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They are in the flesh, but they do not live after the flesh. As the soul is present in every part of the body, while remaining distinct from it, so Christians are found episle all the cities of the world, but cannot be identified with the world. Keep Exploring Britannica Lord Byron.

Letter to Diognetus | early Christian work |

And marvel not that a man can be an imitator of God. As long then as the former time endured, He permitted us to be episrle along by unruly impulses, being drawn away by the desire of pleasure and various lusts.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Keep in the light of your truth all those you have freed from the darkness diogetus unbelief. Do ye not much rather mock and insult them, worshipping those that are of stone and earthenware unguarded, but shutting up those that are of silver and gold by night, and setting guards over them by day, to prevent their being stolen?

Of whom some said that fire was Godcalling that God to which they themselves were by and by to come; and some water; and others some other of the elements formed by God.

Every foreign land is to them as their native country, and diogjetus land of their birth as a land of strangers.


Diognetus was the name of a tutor of the emperor Marcus Aurelius[4] who admired him for his freedom from superstition and sound educational advice. The body hates the soul and wars against it, not because of any injury the soul has done it, but because of the restriction the soul places on its pleasures.

Do you not see that the more of them are punished, the greater becomes the number of the rest? My email address is feedback epishle newadvent.

The Epistle of Mathetes to Diognetus

Richardson, Early Christian Fathers, pp. Any country can be their homeland, but for them their homeland, wherever it may be, is a foreign country. A number of transcriptions of this manuscript survive today. He can, if he is willing. For neither can life exist without knowledgenor is knowledge secure without life. Epistle, a composition in prose or poetry written in the form of a letter to a particular person or group. This is He who was from the beginning, who appeared as if fpistle, and was found old, and yet who is ever born afresh in the hearts of the saints.

Epistle to Diognetus

Epitle speak in general terms, we may say that the Christian is to the world what the soul is to the body. Are they not all deaf?

Internet URLs are the best. Father of all holiness, guide our hearts to diogntus. Is not a sixth earthenware, in no degree more valuable than that which is formed for the humblest purposes? So Christians have their abode in the world, and yet they are not of the world.

Are they not forged eppistle iron and fire? A stone, however, readily bears it, seeing it is insensible. The soulwhen but ill-provided with food and drink, becomes better; in like manner, the Christiansthough subjected day by day to punishment, increase the more in number.

From Ante-Nicene FathersVol. But he who combines knowledge with fearepistoe seeks after life, plants in hope, looking for fruit. When punished, they rejoice as if quickened into life; they are assailed by the Jews as foreigners, and are persecuted by the Greeks; yet those who hate them are unable to assign any reason for their hatred.


For He that made heaven and earth, and all that is therein, and gives to us all the things of which we stand in need, certainly requires none of those things which He Himself bestows on such as think of furnishing them to Him.

Do they not all rot and decay?

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If you also desire [to possess] this faithyou likewise shall receive first of all the knowledge of the Father. Nor truly are those words without significance which are written, how God from the beginning planted the tree of life in the midst of paradise, revealing through knowledge the way to life, and when those who were first formed did not use this [ knowledge ] properly, they were, through the fraud of the Serpent, stripped naked.

The Apostle, perceiving the force [of this conjunction], and blaming that knowledge which, without true doctrine, is admitted to influence life, declares, Knowledge puffs up, but love edifies. Do you not see them exposed to wild beasts, that they may be persuaded to deny the Lord, and yet not overcome? Thank you for your feedback. Who of us would ever have expected these things? What about the affection they all have for each other?