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Protected: Cervantes: Entremeses (El juez de los divorcios, El viejo celoso, Los habladores). This content is password protected. To view it please enter your. interlude, W. Rozenblat poses the question, «¿Por qué escribió Cer- vantes el Entremés del juez de los divorcios!» and answers it by at- tempting to reconstruct . Enrique Abad. Updated 18 April Transcript. Referencias: . (). Entremes: el juez de los divorcios. Encontrado en.

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El juez de los divorcios – Out of the Wings

Cornell University Press, Lorenzafor her part, complains that the old man’s wealth hardly covers the price of her sexual frustration. It is not coincidental, therefore, that the procurador ‘s mercenary motives dovetail with the self-interest of the reconciled couples.

Ironically, it is not the church but the state that silences her by sentencing her to continue in the marriage, precisely because she must honor the terms of its contract: The dubious nature of representation is illustrated by the leather tapestry in which the neighbor Ortigosa smuggles in a young lover for Lorenzaembossed with four fictional protagonists from Ariosto’s Orlando furioso itself an ironic continuation of Boiardo’s Orlando innamorato: Cervantes and the Self-Made World.

The play reiterates that once marriages are established they become a yoke, an incarceration, a prison; but as there is no way out of the covenant, it is best to dance and sing and make the best of the situation Sevilla Arroyo and Rey Hazas, in Cervantes Entry written by Kathleen Jeffs.


Cervantes ‘s reference to Ariosto’s four warrior-lovers, while brief, should not be construed as arbitrary: A veces, casos de impotencia era considerada por divorcio pero era condiciones. Todo es trabajo, cansancio y sufrimiento. As it blocks our interpretive strategies, the play obliges us to see it as a commentary on the difficulties inherent in providing a faithful mirror of the world.

Bulletin of the Cervantes Society of America 12 Fall, The old man again jadedly responds to his wife’s infidelities: Nicholas Spadaccinieditor. The interlude gives the public what it wants; it neither questions nor condemns masculine behavior, but simply makes it a consequence of female infidelity.

While these figures may seem out of place in an interlude, even one by so ardent an admirer of Ariosto as Cervantestheir failed love affairs -indeed, their very number- evoke the four quarrelsome husbands in El juez de los divorciosthus drawing our attention to the similarities between the entremeses and the romanzo.

Protected: Cervantes: Entremeses (El juez de los divorcios, El viejo celoso, Los habladores)

Through the Shattering Glass: Lorenza ‘s apparent sexual transgression is homologous to Cervantes ‘s incomplete rupture of generic convention, a rupture, nonetheless, which denotes the interlude’s irresolution and allows the author to call into doubt the effectiveness of representation to stand in for the real, for unmediated desire. Rather, in proffering the advantages of marital reconciliation on economic grounds, the interlude’s unresolved ending becomes the divorciod severe judge of social transgression.

In particular, the texts’ linear arrangement exposes Cervantes ‘s exploitation of women’s oppression for satirical purposes even as he denounces their treatment by a patriarchal society Nonetheless, the rules of the generic game, at least for the interludes, were not established entrees priori.


Like Lorenza and Cristinawho endlessly await the arrival of a hidden lover before they can attempt to subvert the marriage code, Cervantes ‘s entremeses look forward to a public capable of deciphering their ambiguities and deceptions.

El matrimonio, sin embargo, era un caso diferente enteramente. Every aspect of the characterization, he alleges, illustrates beyond question that the spouses bear the full responsiblity for the sorry state of their marriages. If the Judge is insensitivity itself, the mismatched plaintiffs with their absurd quarrels scarcely justify our confidence.

Bartlett Giamattieds. A cura di Emilio Bigi. Yet because his is not a complete selfdeception, Cervantes also pokes fun at the actors’ gullibility, suggesting that they have been hoodwinked by the other playwrights’ self-importance. The first couple to appear before the judge is an old man and his wife Mariana.

El juez de los divorcios es una comedia publicada en por Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra.


Stallybrass, Peter and Allon White. Ay, que se me arranca el alma! As the young boy darts from the room, Lorenza changes her story. University of Minnesota Press, Instead, their unresolved endings merely stave off the ultimate finality of the social order by deceiving the readers into repeatedly reiterating cel characters’unattainable desire.