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Entering the Castle Finding the Inner Path to God and Your Soul’s Purpose ” The New Age is middle-aged and needs a makeover,” says Caroline Myss, author. Entering the Castle Online Feature. 7 Home · About Caroline Myss · Products on Amazon · Caroline’s Blog · Free Resources. Entering the Castle by Caroline Myss is a powerful 9-CD program that will give you a deeply personal, revelatory experience of your soul.

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Teresa was declared to have been a doctor of the Catholic church, as such her words were considered on par with doctrine. Find God in conversations, passages in literature, vistas in nature, and difficult situations Commitment to God You no longer consider your daily workout a discipline at all.

Caroline Myss on Entering the Castle – Beliefnet

I enter my life under the blessing of God and remain open to receive guidance from my soul. Essential Guidance for Myyss Maintain your work in the Castle Practice Illumination Develop and share the gifts of your soul – do not keep your talents hidden, not be shy about your capacity to see a problem clearly and understand its symbolic message.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. And though Myss uses words like spiritual, divine, soul, mystical, etc.

With stories and inspiration from mystics of all traditions, Entering the Castle is a comprehensive guide for the journey of your life — a journey into the center of your soul. Aug 18, Carole rated it liked it Shelves: But I enteriny reading the original from St.

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For this book, she discusses the work of Theresa of Avila, with whom she alleges she communicated with while she was writing the book.

Lists with This Book. Teresa’s original, albeit Christian, metaphors and symbols. Both took real courage to write. She writes in a way that I can connect with in my Roman Catholic tradition. And it’s like, if I’m good I carolien never become ill.

Let nothing disturb you. Msys is ‘not’ a therapist. She uses a fine blend of Eastern and Western teachings to guide one through this fascinating book.

Entering the Castle

But on the path, God rewards as He will, and it is more than sufficient. Not for the life of me would I believe for a second that people would first even FINISH her book the way its to be read as she suggests to do the work –as she suggests The best-selling Christian author, writer and preacher Myss does n Caroline Myss, author of such books as Anatomy of Spirit and Why People Don’t Heal, brings us a very different part of the metaphysical world.

Seven stages of intense practices and methods of spiritual inquiry develop your personal powers of prayer, contemplation, and intuition, which in turn reinforce your interior castle and build a soul of strength and stamina. I was excited when Definitely tops all of her other books, at least daroline me.

Caroline really knows her stuff. Myss does not endorse the Hicks’ work. The author uses the term “monks without monasteri It takes enterinb before you enter the first mansion. I did the ‘soul work” and got through one mansion after another. Jun 02, MizzSandie rated it really liked it Shelves: I can’t say much more without giving away the seven castles, and they’re too unpredictable to summarize.


I was excited when I started reading it, all set to start my mystical life. The exception is when I consider a book potentially harmful, and this fits the bill.

‘God Doesn’t Want Your Real Estate’

Exploring Spiritual Companionships Room 1: Norman Shealy, an M. Several times she’s told the audience to “get over it. Myss is a motivational teaching and is called a “popular theologian”. There is a fundamental need in us to connect to something greater than ourselves. All things pass away.

Would your life be better or worse if you were free of your frars? Myss pronounced Mace takes the classic Interior Castle apart for the reader, discusses each part thoroughly and puts it back together. Superficial is carolind word that comes to mind although I do not want to to discredit the author’s experiences.

Entering the Castle | Book by Caroline Myss | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster

Actually, most of her books are marketed this way, with the target audience being people who are in search of either cures or an identity. Without sincere, deep, and total humility, St. Truly one of her absolute best.

It is a gift from God, and an important vehicle for the soul.