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Unbelievable price on Castrol EnerGear SGX 75W gearbox oil in Kiev ( Ukraine) company TOV TORGOVIJ DІM UKRSPECSERVІS. Buy Castrol EnerGear SGX 75W gearbox oil Gear oils for industrial use in Kiev Ukraine — from TOV TORGOVIJ DІM UKRSPECSERVІS in catalog Allbiz!. Name: Gear oil. Marking: ENERGEAR SGX 75W90 1L. Viscosity: 75W Oil: Synthetic. Volume(L): 1. Vendor: BP. Type of gear-box: M.

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Трансмиссионные масла

The API group, characterizes the operating conditions. Which viscosity is better? These oils can be used instead of GL Therefore, the normal oil level is higher 57w-90 the plug. If the oil starts to pour out powerfully — everything is OK, we turn it back. For drainage and level control there are two plugs with an internal hexagon on the In conclusion, I strongly recommend not saving on boxed oil.

The main mistake is that many people think that oil with a higher group is better, so you have to pour it.

What kind of oil to pour in the gearbox VW? — DRIVE2

My opinion is to change through km. It is desirable that there is a tolerance of VW Norm Specifically about the winter: Recently such oil has appeared and at LiquiMoly but responses about application yet did not see.


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In the case of gearboxes, this is not the case, for enefgear synchronizer operation, the oil must have a certain lubricity. And maybe not and include some usually 3rd transmission will be very rnergear. If we talk about the “summer” viscosity, it is sufficient to know that VAG-boxes are usually calculated for a viscosity of To 75w-0 the transmission mineral water from synthetics is quite easy by the smell: It is convenient to reach it by removing the left wheel.

Moreover, in the long term, there is no saving: Accordingly, all the oil seals on it are calculated, and if they start to flow, then regardless of the type of oil. Hence the conclusion is the optimum viscosity of 75W So what kind of oil to pour in the gearbox VW?

Comments 17 Only registered users can participate in discussions. Sometimes in the literal sense. The service life of mineral oil does not exceed 40 km, while the properties of synthetics from mileage practically do not change. Sign Up Login with.

Sx this case, you can get lucky, and even with GL-5 oil, the transmissions will normally switch.

There are six such groups, from GL-1 mild conditions to GL-6 very heavy. As a rule, this is due to the replacement of oil seals, which run km. Do I need to change the oil at all?


The level control plug is at the end of the box, rather low. However, the likelihood that the old up to 90g typewriter oil is native, is very small. A year ago such a case was described in Audi. At the factory in VW pour a very good oil and if it and change at will, then only at very good. Now you can smell, assess transparency, etc. At the th box the drain plug is located from the enregear to the rear, closer to the engine under the main gear.

With a certain skill, no more than 10ml of oil is poured out.

Mentum | Energear SHX-M 75W, 20 Ltr |

It’s called G50 and it’s almost impossible to find it on sale. At the sg in VW pour very good oil. According to my information, even on branded services, “any 80W” is poured, and this is a mineral water with the appropriate service life. Checking the level in this case is done like this: