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Title, Endodoncia: principios y práctica. Authors, Richard E. Walton, Mahmoud Torabinejad. Edition, 2. Publisher, Interamericana-McGraw Hill, principios y práctica, 4a ed. Endodoncia, principios y práctica, 4a ed. Endodoncia, principios y práctica, 4a ed. By Mahmoud Torabinejad, Richard E. Walton. Endodoncia: principios y práctica by Richard E Walton. Endodoncia: principios y práctica. by Richard E Walton; Mahmoud Torabinejad. Print book: Document.

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Electronic detection of root canal constriction J Endod ; The master apical file for mesial canals is In cases which prove to be most resistant, surgical correction will be required. Servicio de ayuda de la revista. Anic I, Matsumoto K. Prevention is the most important factor to avoid accidents during endodontic therapy.

Rodriguez Ponce defines it as the obturation of the root canal away from the work length determined by a previous conductometry radiograph, this will lead to an endodontic failure. Tsesis I, Fuss Z. Root canal, drilling, mineral trioxide aggregate.


In recent studies, a research group in Toronto found that in re-treatment cases only two factors significantly affected success in treatment: While undertaking endodontic procedures, setback can occur. Comparison of the sealing ability of laser softened, laterally condensed and low-temperature thermoplasticized gutta-percha J Endodon ; Surgery can also be contemplated in cases where coronary guttapercha removal from the furcation is not possible.


Reliability of different electronic apex locator to detect root perforations in vitro. Correction is achieved through securing of a new determination of work length and proper obturation. Jenkins W, Schindler F.

Diagnosis and treatment of accidental root perforations. Healing is more predictable and has a better prognosis.

Torabinejad . Walton – Endodoncia. Principios y práctica

Problem solving in endodontics. Detection of a root perforation requires a combination of symptomatic findings, clinical observation and diagnostic means. Comparison of radiographic and electronic working lengths.

Nonsurgical repair of perforation defects.

After fine months the tooth is restored, with proper bone regeneration in the furcation zone. In cases when the patient is not under anesthesia he practiva a strong periodontal pain. Part of these are perforations in the cervical section of the canal, and misadventures related to obturation, among which we find overextended or underextended obturation of root canals.

The shott-tenn sealing properties of late-ral condensation. Services on Demand Journal. A clinical evaluation of endocater.

Endodoncia, principios y práctica, 4a ed. – Mahmoud Torabinejad, Richard E. Walton – Google Books

Influence of the canal contents on the electrical assisted determination of Length of Root Canals. Among accidents with worse prognosis are perforations at bone crest level, specifically in the furcation since its proximity to the gingival sulcus favors bacterial contamination.


Anic I, Shirasuka T. The patient is anesthetized, the restoration is isolated, then removed.

Pathological causes like root resorption and caries can lead to a perforation. J Endod ; Some of these unfortunate events are perforation in the chamber of the floor of the mouth, or poor obturation of the canal system, which will lead to failure of the treatment.

Mesiolingual guttapercha ML is extracted exclusively through a coronary approach, with a K type file, mesial canals are located with the help of an endodontic microscope, and perforations are temporary sealed with cavit.

In general pricipios, direct perforation occurs during the canal exploration. Scanning electron microscopic evalua-tion of two compaction techniques using a composite resinas a root canal fillig material J Endodon ;