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One of the most important figures of the 16th century, Desiderius Erasmus was a leading reformist and Renaissance humanist. Through his works and letters. A book called in Latin Enchiridion militis Christiani, and in English The manual of the Christian knight. by Erasmus, Desiderius, d. Originally published as part of: Lucubratiunculae, Antwerp, First published separately Leipzig,

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But yet for all this the very true children of Isaac that be christlani true worshippers of Christ, must not be wearied and driven away from this labour: The which witnessing Paul as he was made redemption and justification to us that be born again in him: To which vices the common sort of monks be prone.

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The Phylistyans of our time. And yet will I make no mention of those men after whose will and pleasure the world is ruled and turned up and down, whose vices though they be never so manifest, a man may scarcely once wince. It became one of Erasmus’ most influential works. Ceremonies be of the mean sort. Now is it clean contrary.

If a man shew and praise the temperance that was in the apostles, and speak anything against the great superfluity that is used nowadays, he should be noted as a favourer of the Ebyonytes. christtiani

Handbook of a Christian Knight | work by Erasmus |

But what reward setteth chtistiani the chief ruler of our game for them that win the mastery? This is our Eve by vhristiani the most crafty serpent doth entice and draw our minds to mortal and deadly pleasures. There be certain vices appropriate to every country, as to break promise is familiar to some: There was never no storm of vices that did so overcome and quench the heat of charity, but it might be restored again at this flint stone.

For there is no doctrine of man Edition: When Peter enchiridkon about to have called him unto the world from his passion suffering, he called him an adversary. When a priest is a flatterer or a pick-quarrel, which with his bitter tongue and false lies doth hurt the names of those which never offended him, but rather hath done him pleasures, why do we not now cry out?


Why dost thou, so oft a renegate, war and fight under the standard of his adversary? Man is compared mmilitis a commonwealth or realm, where is king, lords and the common people.

Whosoever is not on his part, as he saith himself Luke xi. And the prophet Ozee married an harlot, and of her had children not for himself, but for the Lord of Sabaoth and the holy fornication of the prophet augmented the household of God. Walk saith Paul in the spirit, and ye shall not accomplish the desires and lusts of the flesh, for the flesh desireth contrary militi the spirit, and the spirit contrary to the flesh, that ye cannot do whatsoever things ye would.

In such a fugitive life it is necessary to have a ready medicine at the hand.

And also the Spirit of God hath a certain tongue or speech appropriate to himself, he hath his figures mjlitis, parables, comparisons, proverbs and riddles which thou must observe and mark diligently, if thou wouldest understand them. A man must fight against himself.

Handbook of a Christian Knight

But then the Philistyans did scold and chide, yet he did not cease from digging. And when the spirit hath replenished our minds with his sevenfold grace, then forth withal springeth that plenteous herbage of all virtue, with those blessed fruits of which the chief is the secret joy of a clear conscience, which joy is known enchifidion none but only of such to whom it hath chanced to taste of it.

I do not care if it be not so quick, so it be godly: To whom, if the residue of the commonalty will obey, he shall never commit anything at all either christoani be repented or of any jeopardy: The surest thing of all is to be occupied in deeds of piety, that thy deeds may be referred and applied, not to worldly business but unto Christ. And I say not this because I despise these new divines, but because I set more by things more profitable and more apt for the purpose.


Nor we be not by the ministering of their office Edition: He that is somewhat flattering shall be with moderation courtesy and pleasantness. And yet nevertheless the unlearned and rude multitude which Christ died for ought to be provided for: If ye shall, walking in the spirit, mortify the deeds of the flesh, ye shall live.

Miliis wisdom of God chrisiani and lispeth as it were a diligent mother fashioneth her chtistiani according to our infancy and feebleness. On the other side the ground of wisdom and indeed wisdom itself is Christ Jesus, which is very light and the brightness of the glory of his Father, putting away milktis himself only the night of the foolishness of the world. But first thou must cast away the harness of proud Saul, which rather loadeth a man than be anything necessary or profitable, and cumbered David ready to fight with Golyas and holpe him not at all.

Therefore seeing we must needs fight with so strange and marvellous jeopardy, what dulness, what negligence, mklitis foolishness is that of our mind, whom fear of so great mischief sharpeneth not. And these they do so much more perilously because they cloke their covetousness with the titles and names of great princes, of the Pope of Rome, yea of Christ also Himself. A rule of Saint Augustyne.