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emerson model:mwsB The owner’s manual is online at:http://www. %20manual/ You can contact. List of all equipment and user manuals Emerson, stored in the category Microwave Oven 22, Emerson MWSB user manual ยท Emerson MWSB . EMERSON MICROWAVE MWSB MANUAL KHOXJMBJNW | PDF | 46 Pages | KB | 06 Apr EMERSON MICROWAVE MWSB.

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Press number keys to set the desired cooking time. There’s even a quick start 30 second button for quick zaps but can also be used to add 30 seconds while the microwave is still running. It does not use too much electricity and the overall time taken to warm the food is less that most of the other microwaves I have seen. Press the Power button different times to set the desired power; the display will show the percentage you chose.

Durability So far the microwave is great but the front plastic over the buttons is peeling,detaching and bubbling up mw8992sh for the amount of time I’ve owned this microwave is clear indication that is not good quality. The turntable system typically consists of the motor, the coupler, the turntable support with rollers, and the The microwave works nicely and is of decent size. Mw88992sb sure you put it together properly though, as I have not been diligent in this, and several times had something spill because I didn’t put it together correctly again.

Ease of Use The functions are easily identifiable from the buttons. The maximum cooking time is 99 minutes 99 seconds. I bought this microwave couple of years back and I must say that I’m impressed with it’s performance. Press the Start button to start cooking; the Microwave and one of the Cook indicators will blink and the display will countdown the remaining cooking when cooking is completed.


This isn’t an expensive machine, but it had decent reviews when we bought it manuao still has good reviews, so I think it will be a good investment for you. It is very easy to use and I have been very pleased so far. Press the number keys to set the timer hour and minute. You can also adjust the power and that function works well as well.

We dont need a huge microwave, 0. This microwave is great for reheating foods, making popcorn, baked potatoes, mixed vegetables, heating milk and hot water for teas or hot chocolate.

So it hasn’t told the time in quite a while, but that is the only thing wrong with this machine. Emerson MWSB turning the table slowly by hand creates a whirring sound. When you press Start pad, the clock indicator will blink and the present time appears in the display. I was a little concerned because I have had emerson products in the past that have not lasted very long but we got this for a good price so even if it only makes it for a year we will be satisfied.

Performance The heating function is very reliable and consistent. One thing that is missing is a timer which I would mxnual like when something’s in the oven and I want a beeping reminder.

Ease of Cleaning Super easy to clean with a quick wipe down of soap water and bleach. When you go to warm something up, it doesn’t melt you tupperware or leave a burnt mqnual that takes up the house or leaving it in your food.

I would definitly emersn as a cheap microwave but as for how long it will last I guess all I can do is wait and see. The size is perfect for a medium kitchen and it does not take too much space nor it is too small. It has never malfunctioned so emersoon. Press the Start button. It has different options which can be used for different types of food. It seems very small but we have been able to fit some larger dishes inside without a problem.


Operation(continued) | Emerson MWSB User Manual | Page 11 / 30

Bottom Line Yes, I would recommend this to a friend. Easy wipe down of the outside with stainless steel cleaner for stainless steel appliances.

Displaying reviews Back to top. Here is a video of how a turntable motor I’m glad the product does exactly as it says it does. I owned a GE microwave for about 15 years and thought it was the greatest and was worried and apprehensive that I would not be able to find another microwave that was as good or better.

It fits very nicely with our newly remodeled kitchen that features stainless steel applicances. It has 10 power levels and what I like best are the one cook features such as, popcorn, pizza, frozen vegetable. We mostly picked based on the price and color but 5 years later we are still using it on a daily basis. Press the Start button to start cooking; the Microwave and one of the Cook indicators will blink and the display will countdown the remaining cooking.

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Emerson Microwave Oven

Design I like the small size because it does not take up a lot of space. I have to say that it’s been a great one! Has electricity to it. Have a manual for Microwave Ovens? The light comes on and the timer counts down but no heat. The express buttons are really handy and I find myself using them most of the time.