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to designers’ needs and now makes available a catalogue on DVD with CAD 2D and. 3D drawings of all its products. General index. ELESA+GANTER is the name of the commercial joint-venture between the two world leaders in the design and manufacture of standard machine elements. Search in Ganter catalogs and technical brochures on DirectIndustry and find the information you need in 1 click.

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Revolving cylindrical handles GN SHAKE-HAND bvba is, as a specialised supplier of standard machine components, active in the machine and appliance construction industry for more than 30 years.

Working stress has been taken into account e.

News (recent or not) que hacen referencia a Elesa Ganter Ibérica, S.L.

Even better results may be obtained by hot assembly: Details Graduations can be laser-engraved on the plain surface of the control knobs and on plain flanges with high-precision and perfect readability. Black or grey, matte finish. This security aspect may be essential for certain applications of standard parts.

Operating element, Clamping knobs, Catalkgue levers, U-Handles, Fixed, Revolving and fold-away handles, Control elements, Rotary control, Indexing elements, Machine elements, Joints, Leveling elements, Hinges, Latches, Toggle power cayalogue hook clamps, accessories for hydraulic system.

The digits of red rolls show the decimal values. Closing levers in other dimensions.

Polyamide-based self-lubricating technopolymer PA. Download Catalog [DIN ].

Compliance with International Standards. Details Lock housing versions: The mounting bores are to be selected and asset accordingly. For studs, instead of using a common screw available on the market, use is normally made of a specially shaped threaded insert which protrudes a few tenths of mm from the plastic body so as to form a metal face on the screwing plane, thus freeing the plastic of all stress. Mechanical Properties Of Plastic Products. These are non-shielded magnetic systems made by casting method.


The load rings GN can be folded and rotated into all directions, carrying the full load in any tension direction. Assembly of levelling elements: Ganter has designed and manufactured standard machine elements for more than years. Handle tubes GN with screw channel are designed for use in a variety of different tube handels e.

Sign In Create Account. The lock is also such as to ensure that the handle does not come out even when subjected to a normal pulling action along its axis. It is therefore always necessary to adopt cutting and feed rates that do not produce marked localized heating and to cool intensively when the holes have a large diameter and depth with respect to the size of the bushing. These element are made of a wide variety of different metallic materials and by applying a unique variety of manufacturing methods and surface treatments.

The C-Clamps are normally installed and fixed at the clamping point. Phenolic based PF Duroplast.


Threads free of oil and grease guarantee the maximum fixing effect of the glue. Aluminium, press formed and anodised extrusion, natural colour. The maximum limit static load is the value above which, under particular conditions of use, the load applied to the element may cause breakage.


The counter plate supplied loose has a ball socket and is designed for attaching to the counter piece to be clamped. Polyamide-based PA glass-fibre reinforced technopolymer. Cayalogue rim with internal rear scallops makes the grip and the manoeuvre of the handwheel easier even from side positions. F or knobs in which through holes FP type have to be made, the insert is set in such a way that the machining of the hole or the broaching of a keyway only affects the metal part, without the plastic having to be machined in any way.

Elementos Standard para maquinas de fazer maquinas from ELESA-GANTER – The Catalogue SPARKFIX

The thrust point of DIN tommy screws is designed to be used with or without the thrust pad for clamping. This enables the threads of the nut screw to adapt slightly to the screw, when tightening at ambient temperature, thus creating a coupling with an elastic reaction that gives an effective locking effect. All the graduations are available for minimum quantities that depend on the size of the knob and on the type of graduation chosen.

During this visit, Mr.