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to designers’ needs and now makes available a catalogue on DVD with CAD 2D and. 3D drawings of all its products. General index. ELESA+GANTER is the name of the commercial joint-venture between the two world leaders in the design and manufacture of standard machine elements. Search in Ganter catalogs and technical brochures on DirectIndustry and find the information you need in 1 click.

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Polyamide-based self-lubricating technopolymer PA. Glass-fibre reinforced polypropylene-based PP technopolymers. Resistant to solvents, oils, greases and other chemicals.

The radial positioning of the cross holes is only specified as per above three specifications of product groups control levers, cranked handles, handwheels. The values of this force are always higher, with a broad safety margin, than those that may be applied by normal operations performed by hand, but designers who wish to take into account cases of improper use should avoid the situations illustrated in cases Ball mounted, sealed 2RSpermanent lubrication.

Download Catalog [GN Position indicators and handwheels have to be ordered seperately.

Fit the handle onto slight chamfered shaft end and push as far as possible by hand or by means of a small press. They can be replaced by clamping kits GN description see table of dimensions. Zinc-plated case-hardened steel C10, blue passivated. When used without air gap, individual raw magnets always have lower adhesive forces than a magnet system in which shielding and magnetic return enormously intensify the force acting at the adhesion surface.


Glass-fibre reinforced ellesa based PP technopolymer.

The elastic coupling, by press-fit assembly on h9 tolerance drawn stock bars, is not affected by vibrations and prevents the handle from slipping off. Surface treatments for metal inserts and parts: High-resistance polypropylene based PP technopolymer.

The area A contains the values that refer to shaft with a commercial diameter of 12 mm tol. The abscence of cavities and the slightly round shapes offer a modern and elegant aesthetics and guarantees the best cleaning.

In the end, however, the designer is responsible for checking that the product is suitable for its intended purpose. To order an article with the polyamide-based coating, add the abbreviation PFB to the product description.

Brass threaded extension for prolonged positioning of the lever code description C. Available also as accessory sold separately see table.

ELESA – Free CAD models – G – GN – Revolving handles – Steel – TraceParts

Any values indicated must therefore be taken only as a reference for the designer cataloguf will apply adequate safety coefficients to them according to the application of the product. Glass-fibre reinforced polyamide-based PA technopolymers.

Download Catalog [GN ]. Within this temperature range: Ganter combines a thorough understanding of the need of mechanical engineers with expertise in the exacting requirements of machine design. AISI stainless steel ganteg stem, base with cross mark for screwdriver. Not a customer yet? Brass boss, plain or threaded blind hole.

To ensure that the magnetic properties adhesive forces are not impaired, the catalouge screws must be made of non-magnetic material magnetically non-conductive. Download Catalog [GN 60].


Order catalogues

Consequently, the following two solutions have been exclusively adopted: Suitable for creating structures composed by square profiles. As a rule a counter is chosen which is matched to the pitch of the actalogue with trapezoidal thread so the indicator after one complete revolution accords to the pitch of the spindle. Established inElesa S. They can be gantter on irregular or non-parallel surfaces and prevent the rotating movement of the screw from being exerted directly on the piece to be locked.

Spring plunger GN Economy and Markets Technology and Production Services shortcut to Incorrect types of assembly: High resilience polyamyde eleea PA technopolymer, black colour, matte finish. The internal cwtalogue spring in all versions is made of stainless steel.

Pass-through holes for countersunk-head screws with cross recess ISOM6 not included in the supply. The solution of facilitating the elimination of burrs by creating a raised edge along the joining line of the mould Fig. High resilience polyamide based PA technopolymer, black colour, matte finish. Alternatively it is possible to tap the handle slightly with a plastic or wooden mallet until firmly in place. The hot forged brass body gives the clamp stability.

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