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As discussed last year in a Facebook group, this year’s holiday project is a ” Elektor Junior Computer” revival project. This means I will redesign. The Elektor Junior Computer was a simple based Microprocessor development board published in the s in the Dutch, German and later French and. Along the lines of the MOS Tech KIM, the Synertek SYM and Rockwell AIM, Elektor Electronics also published their SBC – The Junior.

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The bit assignments of port are, Many mutually incompatible floppy disk formats are possible, aside from the physical format on the disk.

1. Getting acquainted with the ‘Junior Computer’

Where do we start? EDVAC was designed to perform a number of instructions of various types. The wires can now be soldered juniro any excess lead length cut off.

Elektuur Computing 4 EC65K and more. For correct operation both the microprocessor IC1 and the peripheral interface adapter IC3 have to be initialised. The advantage of DRAM is its simplicity, only one transistor. Some type of blinking cursor that can be positioned, the term intelligent in this context dates from EDVACone of the first stored-program computers. List of home computers topic The cassette tape was a common low-cost and jubior mass storage device for a generation of home computers The home computers between and about were different from today’s uniform and predictable machines.

Since the advent and subsequent juhior of the computer, few genuine hardware terminals are used to interface with computers today 8. Now that we have discussed the basic theory and operation of the Junior Computer we can start putting it all together.

If the display has the above, the next section can be skipped and you can move on to the mechanical assembly. The latter is a small board carrying the displays and is attached to the main board. A computer has to be told explicitly what to do and in what order. To determine the next successive address in a particular program, the program counter and the instructions already executed are analysed. The overall speed of a system is dependent on the speed of the switches, tube computers like EDVAC tended to average eight hours between failures, whereas relay computers like the Harvard Mark I failed very rarely.


Elektor Junior Computer

There are really only two steps involved in the construction of this elektorr Construction is accomplished in three basic steps. Board on a Eurocard PCB. The English language edition of Elektor was launched in and is read compter. When one goes high, the other should go low and vice-versa. This amounts to 64 k — not the 65 k mentioned earlier, due to the fact that all the numbers have been rounded off. Later it was sold ready to use.

It was very successful in that period, due to its low price, motorola immediately sued, forcing MOS to pull the from the market. Press the reset button RST on the keyboard, the voltage between those two pins should now be approximately 0.

Computer memory that can retrieve stored data after a power supply has been turned off and it is an array of floating-gate transistors individually programmed by an electronic device that supplies higher voltages than those normally used in digital circuits. Elektuur Computing 5 Z80 and more hardware and software. Before starting the test procedure it is advisable to check all the components once again. Several techniques have been proposed to power consumption of SRAM-based memory structures.

To lower the price, the IC chip size would have to shrink so that more chips could be produced on each silicon wafer and this could be done by removing inessential features in the and using a newer fabrication technology, depletion-mode MOS transistors 3. Data transfer is accomplished in 8-bit blocks, or one full byte at a time. Most terminals were connected to minicomputers or mainframe computers and often had a green or amber screen, typically terminals communicate with the computer via a serial port via a null modem cable, often using an EIA RS or RS or RS or a current loop serial interface.

Oh no, there’s been an error

The PIA is disabled regardless of the condition of the other inputs when K6 is high. This is the list of dutch articles ele,tor books and paperware by Elektuur devoted to the CPU.

Before any assembly is started it is a good idea to check all the plated through holes there are over six hundred of them! Last, but by no means least, is the control bus. See here the description and circuit design.


The peak-to-peak voltage should be somewhere between three to five volts. Modern PCBs are designed with dedicated software, generally in the following steps.

Elektor Junior Computer – Wikiwand

The obvious solution is to use terminal pins as a temporary connection medium but care must be taken when de-soldering the pins, as the comuter track is very thin in places and may lift off if excessive heat is applied.

They should be stable. While many office-type personal computers were used in homes, in this list a “home computer” is a factory-assembled mass-marketed consumer product, usually at significantly lower cost than contemporary business computers.

The next stage is to connect the transformer Tr1 to the supply board, and via switch S1 and fuse F1 to the mains. Established in by the Government of Kerala, it is the second engineering college in Kollam district the fourth engineering college under the aegis of the state government’s Institute of Human Resources Development in Electronics.

Soldering mistakes are still the biggest headaches on home-built electronic equipment. Education in Kollam Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. Along with the Zilog Z80, it sparked a series of projects that resulted in the home computer revolution of the early s.

This guarantees that no data can be transferred while the data bus is not stabilised. As it is not likely to be needed just yet, the 64 pin expansion connector can be installed at a later date. A personal computer can run terminal emulator software that replicates the function of a terminal, sometimes allowing concurrent use of local programs and access to a distant terminal host system.

The resistors must have small dimensions and large values. Programs In a package with Elektor hardware Octopus cards I recently bought, I found a little book and a floppy with Junior tape dumps. The introductory advertisement for the KIM-1 microcomputer, May