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One of the welding processes that used in Engineering field is the electrogas welding. There are several types of welding processes similar to. Abstract. Electrogas arc welding (EGW) is used for vertical position welding of sheer strakes and hatch side coamings of container ships because of its higher. (13 mm) could be satisfactorily welded in the vertical position in a single pass. This technique is called electrogas welding (EGW). EGW has enjoyed steady.

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Electrogas welding – Wikipedia

However, excessively high voltage may cause the electrode to arc to the joint sidewalls above the molten weld pool, causing unstable operation. Check water and gas connections. This tendency can be eliminated by adding one or more additional electrodes and thereby reducing or eliminating the oscillation.

The wire feeder is normally mounted as an integral part of the vertical-moving welding machine. Generally, a high form factor is desirable because the freezing progression is vertical and any impurities, segregates, and low melting point constituents are maintained in the weld pool, float upwards, and freeze harmlessly in the runoff tab outside of the production weld metal.

If they are not grounded, insulation breakdown might cause these units to become electrically “hot” with respect to ground. In addition, the following factors can cause porosity: A wire feeder is used to supply the electrode, which is selected based on the material being welded.

Vertical travel controls, either electrical, optical, or manual, maintain a given electrode extension, with the top of the movable shoe a specific distance above the molten weld pool.

Solid electrodes are generally identical to those used for GMAW.

The intensity of ultra-violet radiation tends to cause rapid disintegration of cotton clothing. The equipment of electrogas welding is reliable and training an operator is easy.

Welding shall be done in the vertical position. Shielding gas for flux cored electrodes is as noted in Table 7. Sliding shoes mayor may not contain gas ports for supplying shielding gas directly into the cavity formed by the shoes and the weld groove.



Shielding gas is C02 for solid electrodes. Generally, the highest ultraviolet radiant energy intensities are produced when using an argon shielding gas and when welding on aluminum. The slow cooling rates produce electrohas zones without undesirable hard structures that often occur in conventional arc welds in carbon and low alloy steels.

Generally, repairs will be made with the SMAW process using electrodes appropriate for the base metal and a qualified welding procedure. Check quantity of electrode wire and gas if used.

In weldments requiring applications are described in some codes. Factors influencing shrinkage allowance include material type, joint thickness, joint length, and degree of restraint of the parts being joined. Weld solidification is covered in detail in Chapter 4 of the Welding Handbook, Volume 1, 8th Edition.

Fit starting sump at bottom of joint and run-off weldng at top. Retaining shoes are usually water cooled; moving shoes must be water cooled. As previously discussed, the procedure variables that contribute to a low form factor contribute to centerline cracking. To protect the melt against pollution a protective gas [3] is added, usually consisting of carbon dioxide.

Electrogas welding

An arc is initiated between the electrode and the sump. Gix Neyer, Tiseo and Hindo, Ltd. Magnetic particle MT testing may also be used to detect cracks and lack of fusion, but it is limited to the surface and immediate subsurface. This also will reduce the slag burden. Increasing the electrode extension by weldingg the electrode feed speed will increase the deposition rate and decrease the sidewall penetration and weld width.

Learn how your comment data is processed. If the weld welxing not sound, the discontinuities are often continuous, and therefore, the entire weld may have to be removed and the joint rewelded.

Based on the GMAW process, it can feed a solid electrode into the joint; based on the flux cored arc welding process FCAWit can incorporate a flux within a tubular electrode. On equipment using a self-shielded flux cored electrode, starting procedures must be carefully controlled to minimize porosity in the starting sump area.

  AS2200 SMC PDF

None required by this procedure specification. In some weldments, a steel backing bar, which fuses to the weld, may replace the outboard shoe. The starting sump should be seal welded at the joint, but should not be sealed all around. This applies to the EG7X series also. EGW uses a constant voltagedirect current welding power supplyand the electrode has positive polarity. Some typical EGW welidng are illustrated in Figures 7.

Electrogas Welding (EGW) – Welding Technology

Dan TN – 0. As the cavity fills, one or both shoes may move upward.

Increasing the voltage increases the sidewall penetration and width of the weld as illustrated in Figure 7. The letters “XX” refer to either 6Z, 60, 62, 7Z, 70, 72, and 8Z, 80, and 82 mechanical property designations of Table 7.

The electrode may be oscillated for thicker work-pieces. In creasing the electrode feed speed increases the deposition rate, welding current, and travel speed fill rate. The consumable electrode used is either solid or flux-cored. Thus, the process offers economic benefits and quality enhancements.

The diameter of the electrode shall be 0. The required as-deposited weld metal mechanical properties are shown in Table 7. For welds in thick plates where oscillation is required, the oscillation distance is expanded following the same principle. Thus, the weld metaland the heat-affected zone of electrogas welds exhibit larger grains and larger coarse grain regions. Stress-relief heat treatment of electrogas qualification variables and their limits that should be conweldments typically results in a slight drop in the yield and trolled for electrogas and other welding processes.

The weld seam is less electrotas than the electro-slag welding. Other gases may be used if agreed upon between supplier and purchaser.