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Ekai Txapartegi’s 13 research works with 4 citations and reads, including: Hue, Brightness & Saturation in Classical Greek Chroma Terms. Ekai Txapartegi . A Preliminary Study of Transparency with Chromatic Cesare Masin & Baingio Pinna – – Bulletin of the Psychonomic Society 27 (5) Rediscovering Colors: A Study in Pollyanna Realism. [REVIEW]Ekai Txapartegi – – Theoria: Revista de TeorĂ­a, Historia y Fundamentos de la Ciencia

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Ekai Txapartegi

In the framework of Timaeus, an account of whiteness that it is merely based on necessities could not really explain the fact that there are white objects in nature Tim. Withal, this interpretation collides with the standard theory of Forms. However, a groundbreaking interpreter may still contrive another approach to defend this strong realist reading of the naturalistic inter- pretation.

The colors we see represent those real essences that are partially and cau- sally responsible for our chromatic vision. Is white- ness similar to the white color we see? The unfortunate consequence of this approach, however, is that by denying chromatic Forms, we may be implicitly rejecting the pos- sibility of doing color science because, according to Plato, the proper K. I arrive at this conclusion by exploring three main ways of 1 E.


Eksi instance, she could request that when dealing with Plato’s ideas on colors we put aside any consideration derived from the metaphysics of Forms. Baumgartner – – Journal of Symbolic Logic 49 1: Click here to sign up. On one hand, Whiteness could be as immaterial as other Forms and it would not necessarily have to be white. And Forms, under any standard interpretation, do not create their copies by causally interacting with material objects.

Philosophy, Logic, Science, History. To sum up, I have stated dkai in agreement with the naturalistic interpretation, colors are flames that cause chromatic sensations. Prime Colors and the Hues. Secondary Qualities and Self-Location.

Andy Egan – – Philosophy and Phenomenological Research 72 1: Theaetetus, Oxfordpp. This entry has no external links.

Ekai Txapartegi, Colors and Chromatic forms – PhilPapers

Can Color Be Reduced to Anything? This article has no associated abstract. Whiteness and White As far as we know, Plato never offered an argument supporting the existence of chromatic Forms 2.

Also, this would make the ontol- ogy of real colors semantically consistent with our ordinary attributive practices. This interpretation offers substantial advantages txaparrtegi the previous one.

Colors and Chromatic forms

Most probably, by the time he began to study the nature of colors he had already abandoned the romantic adventure of finding the extension of Forms just by analyzing their common meta- physical traits.


Under this interpretation, whiteness is a flame but it can be neither a Form nor its copy. Wayne Wright – unknown.

Monthly downloads Sorry, there are not enough data points to plot this chart. This distinction is important because whiteness appears to be the Form of white, therefore suggesting an implicit assertion of the existence of chromatic Forms.

Ekai Txapartegi, Rediscovering Colors – PhilPapers

And somewhat differently in Lys. Miller – txaartegi Journal of Symbolic Logic 73 4: But, again, in light of the epistemic provisions he takes in that part of Timaeus 67 d, 68 b, 68 d that might be a virtue of this interpretation. Philosophie, Logik, Naturwissenschaft, Geschichte. Real Colors and Chromatic Forms.

The contradiction between these three premises is clear: Don Dedrick – – Philosophy of Science Supplement 3 3: Ekai Txapartegi – – Theoria 18 1: