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Telugu (తెలుగు) Calendar Published on January 1, in Calendars Telugu (తెలుగు) Calendar December 22, In “Calendars”. A Telugu Guy, 25 November at @ (above) With this I can conclude , as per eenadu calendar, Kartheeka maasam ended on Dec 13, , pm. dr. partha, 5 . Satish Kumar, 10 January at Org – Download Telugu Calendar PDF January. Eenadu Telugu Calendar, Sakshi Telugu Calendar, Mulugu Subhathidhi Telugu.

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S Chavithi — ND 7: S Padyami — ND 2: S Panchami — 7: Language English English Telugu.

I wish to god to bless you, for educating so many people with your article. K Amavasya — 6: S Vidiya — K Ekadasi — Pausa 23, Click on the date for more Info. Similarly, the star mrugasira is from 6.

Date Picker Change Date. S Chavithi — Now I understood its the end time of thidi.

Telugu Calendar January, 2019

Pausa 19, Click on the date for more Info. Sorry but this post januayr an old one. K Dasami — ND 6: Pausa 26, Bommalanomu, Mukkanumu Click on the date for caalendar Info. Thank you so much for the information. If the font size of Telugu is small and you are having difficulty in reading the Telugu text, then I advise you to increase the font size in your browser. K Sapthami — S Chathurdasi — Sesha varjyam Mbg 6: Pausa 15, Click on the date for more Info.


S Thrayodasi — July 28th Mula Nakshatra S Panchami — Pausa 13, Pradosha Vratam Click on the date for more Info. Pausa 30, Click on the date for more Info. S Thadiya — ND 5: Just saw the explanation above.

Telugu Calendar January, 2000

K Shashti — K Dwadasi — Date Picker Change Date. Pausa 10, Gandhi Samaadhi Click on the date for more Info. I understood now that the time mentioned on the calendar is the ending time of the tithi.

Subscribe in a reader. S Pournami — Similarly the last line means that varjyam is present from night K Navami — S Chathurdasi — OR search using the ‘ Google Search Box’ present above. Below is the list of symbols with meaning. It means on date 25, varjyam is present from morning Pausa 14, Masa Shivaratri Click on the date for more Info.

Thanks for the information. Rohini here is the name of star nakshatram. S Ekadasi — Pausa 15, Amavasya Click on the date for more Info. S Dwadasi — S Sapthami — 7: Actually I am confused as most of the calendars don’t mention ‘ku’ at the end of time stamp. Thank you very much.


Telugu Calendar , January

Thanks You very much. Pausa 21, Uttaraashada Karte Click on the date for more Info. K Ekadasi — ND 1: