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Edward Topsell was born in Sevenoaks, Kent and baptised in He matriculated as a sizar at Christ’s College, Cambridge in , and graduated BA in. Author: Topsell, Edward, ? Title: The history of four-footed beasts and serpents describing at large their true and lively figure, their several names. Edward Topsell Source for information on Edward Topsell: Science and Its Times: Understanding the Social Significance of Scientific Discovery.

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Of the Division of the Second Book. Of incording and g. Published edwarThe History of Four-Footed Beasts and Serpents depicts both real and fantastical creatures in detailed woodcuts.

The Porcuspine or Porcupine. The Medicines of the Ichneumon. Each of his animals, some of them fantastical such as flying dragonswere given personal characteristics, reflecting moral lessons that Topsell wanted to impart. Another of blisterings, or small swellings in the withers or back and gallings. Of the Getulian Squirrel, described and figured by Doctor Cay.

Another medicine of the same. Of the Cramp or Convulsion of the Sinews and Muscles.

File:Edward Topsell, The Historie of Foure Footed Beasts Wellcome Ljpg – Wikimedia Commons

Of the wrinching of the Shoulder. Of the Fever in Summer season. Of the choice of good Horses. The Italians call them Froncelle.


Edward Topsell

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Topsell another kinde of Surfeting with meat or drink, called of us, Foundering in the body. Another of the Lampass. Badger, otherwise called a Brocke, a Gray, or a Bauson. The second picture taken by John Kentmant, and it is her fashion and and protracture to lie thus when she is angry, for so doth her colour appear both on the back and belly.

Of the diseases of the Guts of a Horse, and first of the Colick. Of the pain in their Lungs.

Home Collections All Collections The signs of an Ague in this beast are these. Of the signes of sickness in general.

Of Weeping or Watering Eyes. Of the Mouse called the Shrew, or the Erd shrew. Of the Haw, called of the Italians, Ilunghia de gli occhi. Serpents; This woodcut is an illustration from the book The history of four-footed beasts and serpents The Medicines of the Mouse. Of the mourning of the Chine. In how many veins a Horse may be let bloud, and to what end. Eeward the tongue being hurt with the bit or otherwise.

Most of his illustrations were taken from Gesner’s woodcuts. Relying on the authority of “sundry learned men”, Topsell includes the Gorgonthe Sphinxthe Manticorethe Lamiathe Winged Dragon and the Unicorn. Another of Bloud-shotten Eyes, or any other sore Eye, coming of rheume or other humor. Of bones out of joynt.


Of Horse-men, and the orders of Chivalry and Knighthood. He published several books on religion and other matters during his lifetime. Of an over-reach upon the heel.

Edward Topsell – Wikipedia

Da Capo Press, Of Mules or Kibed heels, called of the Italians, Mule. Of the several diseases of Horses and their cures. The Medicines of the Shrew. Another receipt for the same purpose. Of the Fever which cometh of raw Digestion, or of Repletion. Of the diseases in the throate and lungs, and why the edwars of the shoulders and hips be not mentioned before amongst the griefs of the withers and back.

Of the mattering of the Yard. Of the Reyner, or Rainger.

The medicines of the Lion.