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Continual professional education will be provided to all health care levels; Issues related to clinical research on humans shall be defined with a special law. Basic Health Insurance Scheme for all citizens shall be based on principles of equity, reciprocity and solidarity.

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Distribution of activities among health care levels shall be conducted in accordance with the strategy and policy based on the existing resources. The Ministry of Health develops and executes the health care policies through creating the systemic conditions as follows: Health care system provides and implements uniform health information system. The citizens have the right and the duty to act in accordance with the health care services and to take part in their implementation.

Health care in the social care institutions. Health care evidence shall be performed through collection and registration of data in the health documentation that may be: Autopsy is compulsory in the following situations: General Professional Counsel shall become operational on 1 st January For the purposes of this Law, the following definitions shall apply: Specific health care for workers includes services that provide optimum conditions sdukimi the working environment in order to maintain optimum physical and mental heath status of employees.

Preparatory activities of the Government for shehdetesor care provision in emergency situations include: Only pharmacist shall give prescribed drugs; Humanitarian Health Care Institutions and other forms of the organized. Health Care Institutions can be financed by: During emergency situations, the provision of health care is carried out in accordance with sub-legal act approved by the Kosovo Government on proposal by the Ministry of Health.

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Health care for citizens shall be implemented through a uniform, integrated, functionally linked system of healthcare activities through preventive, curative and rehabilitative health care measures. Organization and activities of the Professional Committees shall be defined by sub-legal acts issued by the Ministry of Health.


Health care is implemented in Health Care Institutions at the workplace, at the residence of the citizen and other places wherein the citizen is in need of health care. Only pharmacist shall give prescribed drugs. Health care in other forms of the health care shall be implemented in accordance with procedures and conditions defined for the Health Care Institution.

Funds for Health Care Institutions. Health institutions, responsible physical and juridical persons are obliged to collect health data and report them periodically to the Kosovo Institute of Public Health in accordance with provisions set up in the sub-legal act from section Rights, obligations, responsibilities and Health Inspectorate organization to exercise supervising of law implementation and other laws of health scope are regulated through Health Inspectorate law.

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Continual Professional Education of the health care professionals. The Ministry of Health shall provide professional supervision in the institutions from Section 81 and Internal professional supervision should be organized and provided by the responsible person of Health Care Institution, based on sub-legal acts of the institution. The Health Care Institution, regardless of the type of its ownership, shall commence work when the Ministry of Health issues an act certifying the existence of the technical and professional conditions set out for the commencement of the work and when based on that the Health Care Institution is licensed for implementation of the specific health care activities by the body authorized under section During implementation of primary health care services municipalities give priority to preventive health care measures; Health workers may work independently in licensed Health Care Institutions if they are members of General Health Council, and if they are licensed for particular health activity.

Health care provision in the public Health Care Institutions to non-Kosovar shendetfsor that reside in Kosovo shall be made on the grounds of a signed international agreement or based on the principle of reciprocity.

The Municipal Assembly approves the operational plan for the development of primary health care in accordance with the mid-term plan approved by Kosovo Government.

Health Insurance Fund shall become operational on 1 st January Operational objectives are defined in operational plan of necessary measures and activities related to implementation of the mid-term and strategic plan ascertains including: Issues related to the narcotics, psychotropic substances are regulated in the sehndetesor Law for Medicinal Products and Medical Equipment.


If, despite measures taken based on paragraph In cases of emergency situations outside Kosovo, participation in the health care service provisions or in other forms of international cooperation within the health sector shall be carried out based on an international agreement, or based on the implementation of the principle of reciprocity.

In the case of death of a non-Kosovar citizen in the territory of Hsendetesor, the cause and the circumstances of the death have to be defined by the autopsy in the authorized Health Institution.

Non-compliance with necessary preconditions in order to provide health care; and.

Kosovo Sanitary Inspection as shendetesr highest sanitary control body is organized and is functioning as a part of the Ministry of Health. Professional supervision ensures full implementation of ethical and professional norms, as well as contemporary health standards; During implementation of primary health care services municipalities give priority to preventive health care measures.

The treatment and advertisement of the non-conventional health treatment is forbidden considered by the relevant institution to the article Kosovo Government leads and executes the health policies through the Ministry of Health. Following completing of respective education, health workers should complete obligatory professional apprenticeship.

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shendeteor The honest and adequate use of public financial funds and transparent exercise of the competencies while providing health care.

The Kosovo Assembly approves the strategic plans for development of all levels of health care. Provisions on the deceased and autopsy. Private Health Insurance shall be established based on individual contract between citizen, organization and Health Insurance Institution authorized according to the Law. The cause of the death for persons that pass away outside Health Care Institutions should be defined within 12 hours from receiving information on the death.

Obligations during the strike.