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Class, Va, Vg2, Vg1, Ia, Ig2, Ra, S, Rk, Zout, Pout, THD. Triode, , , , 62,, A S/E pentode, , , -7, 36, 6, 48,, 10, , 5,, , ECL86 Datasheet PDF Download – Triode Pentode, ECL86 data sheet. I’m doing some research for a small ECL86/6GW8 build (basically a Magnatone M2/M4 sans vibrato/reverb). In reading the datasheet.

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Also, I suspect that we collectors will not be wearing out a set of output tubes in our lifetime.

Yes, it will work. They’ll swim by one exl86 one. Substituting 6BM8s for 6GW8s has been done, in some jukebox and organ amp retro-fits. My main system is solid state and it takes the high-hour load of movies and background music during gatherings etc You must log in or sign up to reply here.

But I guess that comes with the territory when you’re talking about vintage tube stuff. I see that the 6BM8 is a very similar tube with different pinout.


6GW8 / ECL86 NOS – Tubes: Odd Ball Tubeampdoctor Store

Since it was more popular in Europe, the best place to look would be the Bay or even one of the Eurobay sites. My Telefunken Princess Radio uses 2 of these for output.

Your name or email address: Would it be possible to use them as a 6GW8 substitute without doing any modifications besides changing socket pinout? Jim McShaneDec 1, I counted over 30 available on US Ebay right now.

ECL86 Datasheet PDF – Philipe

The real danger here is You’re right about not going through a lot of output tubes though. There is no sub listed for the 6GW8. Why do you need to sub? I thought that was a decent price for NOS Telefunkens. Log in or Sign up. I just perused a quad of early NOS Phillips there. Once you go Telefunken, Dattasheet, or Mullard you’ll never go back.

ECL86 Datasheet

Hi all, I have a vintage pioneer receiver that uses 6GW8 output tubes, which are no longer manufactured. Yes, my password is: It’s just annoying to know that there’s a finite supply of a given tube out there.


Share This Page Tweet. This could really help some us with amps that rcl86 these tubes if it would work. Do you already have an account? Let’s face it, we love to rotate our stuff, don’t you too?

At which point I’ll see if I can find 4 that match out of my spares. GordonWDec 3, From what I hear they usually last a couple thousand hours or more, which would take me years to rack up.

One of my favorite old guitar amps has an obscure set but over time Ive scrounged Four full NOS sets. But new Russian 6BM8s are still available Well sure I guess because alot of european radios used them there may be a following.