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All about Ebon (Pegasus, #2) by Robin McKinley. LibraryThing is a cataloging and social networking site for booklovers. submitted 4 years ago * by RobinMcKinleyAMA Author Robin McKinley Oof, thanks, I was googling “ebon robin mckinley”, should have. I will finish the PEGASUS story. And yes, Sylvi and Ebon get back together. And yes it has a happy ending if you don’t require Technicolour.

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Your well-wishes mean a great deal to me. Her most recent novel is Robiin Or the lyrics to your favorite folk songs for long walks.

They are among the books I turn to when my life hits troubles.

Ebon (Pegasus, #2)

When she comes to stay in Damar, she learns that the desert country land of Damar is filled with Homelanders along with the magical and secretive Hillfolk. Because I have to tell you, I spent that entire novel prepared to commit public murder for one of Rae’s roin rolls. Also, who would you say is your favorite Buffy character and why? If you really want answers, go join the forum on my blog and ask them again.


I’ve never commented on an AMA before but I had to tell you I really love your writing and robih filled a lot of my imagination when I was growing up. Well she has written two beauty and the beast retellings.

Robin McKinley

To ask other readers questions about Ebonmkinley sign up. I asked one of those already too. It wasn’t very clean: Her contribution to the Imaginary Lands anthology and the stories in A Knot in the Grain are also set there. And what object have you knitted that you were most proud of? Resource links will direct you to Wiki pages, which we are maintaining.

Spindle’s End was the bomb.

Ebon (Pegasus, #2) by Robin McKinley (1 star ratings)

The craftsmanship of the writing just blows me away. Your writing, like your knitting, is your own. I also just have to tell you how much your work means to me.

Has your newfound musical passion enriched that process at all?

I always wondered why you’d go back to Beauty and the Beast twice. Apr 02, Colleen marked it as to-read. It seems to me more like life. Over the years many people have given me good reasons for why I should like certain series, but …nay! The Damar books were supposed to be a series and she hasn’t done a thing with it since the s. Mainly it’s how crazy a story is making me.


Ridiculously straightforward I’m afraid. As someone whose been in the industry for decades, how has the industry changed as time has passed, from your perspective? Other books in the series.

And at 45 I still wonder it when I reread it for the whoknowshowmanyth time. The author is clearly talented. Deerskin scared the shit out of me but I don’t think you’ll consider that a criticism. Do you ever have an urge to rewrite one of your stories as per life experiences?

How could they resist?

I still re-read it.