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Can I make a booking for persons other than myself? Of course. Simply Register or follow the booking process. Select journey and after login you will be asked. easyBus offers cheap airport transfers between London to Gatwick, Stansted and of 2 luggage items are permitted onboard for each easyBus ticket holder. You must Cancel the existing booking first, a cancellation/admin. fee will apply, the charge will be 50% of the value of the ticket (note this excludes the card fee).

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Our maximum liability to you for any loss, damage or liability which you may suffer or incur as a result of our failure to carry you, our delay in carrying you, any breach of contract to carry you, our negligence in connection with carrying you, or the deliberate or negligent acts or omissions of any of our officers, employees, agents, representatives or sub contractors shall be limited to the cost of the easyBus ticket purchased for that journey.

Frequently Asked Questions Contact us. If someone else made the Booking on your behalf, you agree that such person acted as your agent. How do I print my Tickets? We do not guarantee that we will contact you. Please enable javascript to view this website properly. If you just turn up and buy at the Airport easyBus ticket desk Luton and Stansted Airports only prevailing walk up fares will apply at non-Internet prices. Bookings cannot be changed once made. Luggage Allowance means the two pieces of property, which you may bring onto an easyBus without charge The luggage allowance for each route is as defined on the luggage allowance page of the website.

We shall be entitled to open and examine any left or lost luggage.

Find out more detail about each of the 5 simple steps below. Board any easyBus Vehicle whilst seriously ill or suffering from any contagious disease. Please enable javascript to view this website properly. Fare means the price charged to you by easyBus for each seat booked for a Journey on an easyBus Service excluding the Card Processing Fee in respect of a Booking made via the www.

To the extent that we have any liability to you for any act, omission, negligence or default of any substitute carrier, then our liability to you shall be as if we had carried you on and subject to these Conditions of Carriage and that the substitute carrier was our sub-contractor.


When you click print sasybus a new pop up window appears showing your tickets and an option to print. Additional Luggage means the luggage in addition to the Luggage allowance permitted for that easyBus route.

There is no automatic entitlement to transfer at an earlier or later departure time. The final confirmation page has a eaybus Tickets’ option highlighted on there. To make an advance booking online you will need the following: Terms and conditions apply. In this agreement, a reference to the singular shall include the plural and vice-versa.

Reducing the number of passengers travelling.

Book online for best prices and to reserve your seat. Where you are carried by any substitute carrier for the whole or part of any journey, you shall owe your obligations under these Conditions of Carriage to that substitute carrier as well as to us, and that substitute carrier shall be entitled to the benefit of any rights, remedies or limitations of liability you owe to use and set out in these Conditions of Carriage.

You must cancel the original unwanted booking first and then make the new booking. Once payment processing is successful you will be redirected to the final easyBus Purchase Conformation and Print Tickets screen. If you leave or lose any of your luggage whilst travelling on an easyBus Service and the luggage is either found by or handed to a member of easyBus staff we shall take reasonable care of that luggage. Switch it off for this site and you will then be able to print your tickets.

All Passengers must wear seat belts. You should plan sufficient time for normal airline and airport procedures and allow for possible traffic delays. This will take you to the ‘My Bookings’ page where you can select the return journey and then follow the instructions above from step 6. See our privacy statement for more information. The credit is only valid for 12 months from the date of credit. You will be asked to reconfirm that you wish to cancel the booking.

The published running times of any easyBus Service are only stated approximately and we will try to minimise any disruption to your Journey. Refunds will not be given to passengers who are denied permission to travel because they are in possession of prohibited items and are unable to dispose of them prior to travel.


In many cases it is better to leave the booking as it is rather than cancelling a low fare booking and then making a higher fare booking. Post-journey Customer Feedback Post-journey Customer Feedback must be submitted via our contact us form within 28 days of the date of travel.

I cannot print my tickets – easyBus FAQs

Play any radio, cassette player, or other device electronic or otherwise whilst on an easyBus Vehicle that is audible to any other passenger. Tlcket Allowance being two pieces easybks property:. The prohibited items list for each route is as defined on the luggage allowance page of tcket website. In such cases further carriage will be denied and the Booking cancelled without refund. The other second common issue is tickets are printed on two pages.

In addition to your luggage allowance, Additional Luggage may be carried provided that you book and pay for an additional seat upon which the Additional Luggage must be carried. The other alternative is to print tickets in Adobe pdf format if you have the option and then print the tickets.

We follow the low cost airline principle of “the earlier you book the less you pay”. Please enable javascript to view this website properly. We reserve the right to give your tickket to another passenger. Requests for refund may only be made using the appropriate online form at www.

How do I print my Tickets ? How can I reprint my Tickets? How do I get my booking confirmation?

Promotion codes are only valid for online booking. Behave in a reasonable, sensible and lawful manner whilst a passenger on any easyBus Vehicle or in the vicinity of an easyBus stop or easyBus ticket desk. Children under the age of 3 years must have eaysbus infant seat.