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Just a quick update after finishing 12 of my planned 25 EarthTainers. Here is a link that might be useful: EarthTainer II WaterMizer Edition. Here is the link: pdf Raybo Here is a link that might be useful: EarthTainer II. Here is a link that might be useful: Rev EarthTainer Construction Guide .. The EarthTainer II improved design now uses a shorter Aeration.

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Find More Posts by Pyrrho.

Suburban Vegetable Gardner

Find More Posts by Mark I bought some rugged totes a few weeks ago on sale! Other vegetables success stories in the Earthtainer: HI Raybo, Thanks once again for all your hard work in putting together this new ‘tainer version.

Find More Posts by dokutaaguriin. I mound it up like the top of a cupcake about 1″ above the surface of the aeration bench This is to account for any long term compression inside the wicking eagthtainer. I live iu a community with a home owners association hoa which restricts what I can do in my yard. Find More Posts by rnewste.

Good to see you on the ‘flush’ train finally, I think its really important as I stressed this last year in a thread. Their large leaves started to crowd out the other plants. I may try to use the inside of the lid of the tote next time.

Takes about one hour to build: All times are GMT I then add the 3. Originally Posted by troad.

People are thinking I am crazy Kat. I never would have believed it – – but here is proof positive of a Purple Haze planted in early August, and is now doing well into November in its EarthTainer II design: I love their large yellow flowers Like the one above and think it is really neat to see the zucchini grow earthyainer behind the flower, but one is enough.


The four corners, and the handle areas are especially strong when you sit the Aeration Bench on them. I made mine almost exactly the same way except: Find More Posts by sprtsguy No slits at all in the landscape earthtainerr, other than to skirt around the filler tube.

Page 2 of I have struggled for years trying to find a means to grow them but they bolt because of the temperature swings we have and our soils are too cold to promote good growth.

Santa Clara CA Posts: I plan to build an EarthTainer for the sole purpose of growing ginger. Dewayne, Just some round numbers.

This additional paragraph would give you a chance to really emphasize the point. I have limited space for vine crops, and am wondering if this would work for cantaloupe, or not????

If I had never seen the instructions for your first versions, I might assume no cutout over the wicking basket. I have asked for totes for Christmas. I have five gardens at my home: I don’t think an airstone would be productive. I love these self watering containers.

So tonight I took out the smaller more intrusive plant. San Antonio, Texas Posts: Find More Posts by sprtsguy Find More Posts by oc tony. Last edited by sprtsguy76; February 22, at Originally Posted by chalstonsc.

Are you the self-reliant type that prefers Building It Yourself vs. I am now more concerned about salts buildup in the Combo Mix over time, so that is why earthatiner the Guide, I am recommending periodic use of Clearex to “flush” the Combo Mix.


Find More Posts by Woodchuck. Ami, Yep, hard to believe that this new smaller wicking basket keeps 3. Find More Posts by dice.

If your goal is really big tomato plants and crops such as sweet corn, then building an EarthTainer may be the way to go.

The cage folds flat at the end of the Season for easy storage So, here it is in finished form. They say its going to get really cold here with a slight chance of snow. The wicking action permeates through the landscape fabric just fine, and my goal is to contain the root system from growing down into the water reservoir.

I see a lot of posts about the use of Earth Earthtainsr for tomato plants, but can they be used for other vegetables as well?

The New EarthTainer III “Convertible” Guide Now Available – Page 2 – Tomatoville┬« Gardening Forums

Page 1 of 7. The folks who have already made some of the original designs need something to catch their eye eartthtainer they might skim-read and miss this important change. Posted by Jack at 6: Share and discuss your ideas and projects with other members. Ray, I love the new design!

And is held in place by 12 compression anchor-points: