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HIE. Eagle Scout candidate’s full legal name. Please give a name to your project. Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook No. May 5 Jun This is the newly revised Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook. Scouts who have already downloaded the previous workbook may continue to. 24 Jun The Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook (No. ) is regularly That latest upgrade came on May 20, Find the new workbook.

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Preliminary Cost Estimate Explain where the total of the money is coming from. Are safety issues adequately addressed? Review the form for each section of the workbook with the Scout before he starts each of the phases. Merit Badge Counselor Orientation. Checks for the project can be accepted by the Unit. When in doubt, ask! Crowdfunding is OK — see references at end of this presentation.

All pages of the completed Internet Recharter must be submitted for processing. There is workboo, new handout available that clearly explains the role of the Project Beneficiary in the Eagle Scout Service Project process.

Are you prepared to contact people by phone? Published by Dylon Newson Modified over 3 years ago. The District signs last; the order of the other 3 can vary. To make this website work, we log user data and share it with processors. Is school in session? Why will the success of the project make a difference?


August 2, — 9: Lay out project timeline expectations: You are one of the many dedicated adults who support the Scouting program by sharing your knowledge. The four sections above have companion sections in the Final Plan; those sections are spreadsheets. There are several rules projsct the use of the cards.


Review the rules, and the content of the workbook forms, with both the Scout and his parents before he starts. A Project Coach is key here. How to Include Important Requirements If you are just beginning to plan your project and you want some ideas about including the necessary planning, leadership, impact, and safety requirements promect for approval, click here.

Eagle Scout Service Workbook Interactive – OC Boy Scouts

We think you have liked this presentation. After that, there is an Approval Section which consists of meaningful commitments and approval statements above the signatures of the Scoutmaster, Unit Committee, Beneficiary, and District Committee.

The coach is a voice of experience.

My presentations Profile Feedback Log out. Naming the ecout to get done, eaggle jobs to do is hard. Later sections will help to assess the scope of the project, its impact on the community, the opportunities for leadership, general resource requirements, safety issues, aorkbook. You will need 3 signatures, yourself, the beneficiary, and your Scout Leader. Elizabeth Dibble Arrowhead Advancement Chair eagle scout project workbook What will be the positive outcome?

Two deep adult leadership, including YPT credentials, applies. It has important information that will help you to know how to do your Eagle Project. Project can only go forward after the proposal has been approved by the District. This effort gets you ready to be out there directing the efforts of your workers and, yes, handling the job parts that may not be going as easily as you hoped.


More than 2 images can be included. About project SlidePlayer Terms of Service. Click here for instructions. Rep has the authority to approve. Projects should be low cost.

To help your Project Coach, your Leaders, and ultimately, your Board of Review members understand your Final Plan, create a description of what things look like, what your obstacles may be, before you start. His Proposal will become part of his completed workbook.

Eagle Scout Service Workbook 2014 Interactive

Is there adequate opportunity for leadership? The Workbook itself lists types of people. Read what you have written to someone eagle scout project workbook to see if it makes sense. The Scout keeps the original Proposal signature page. What to Complete When You should be acout this eagle scout project workbook in sections: Notes provided in workbook Scouts may need advice on group or generic names.

The value for borrowed ordinary tools is not required. Did he meet worjbook and work with the Project Beneficiary so they both understand their rights and responsibilities? Make sure the B. Does it meet the five tests on Proposal Page A? Include Council approval usually an in Final Report.