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the Quality Management System certificate concordant with the norm PN – EN ISO and HACCP certificate concordant with DS E DS E: – Management of food safety based on HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) – Requirements for a management system for. Most European countries, adopted the second edition of the Danish standard – DS E: Therefore for the comparative study presented in this paper.

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There are three key things to consider here: 2002 Diagram Construction The following types of data should be included: It is essential that the chosen monitoring procedure must be able to detect loss of control at the CCP, as it is on the basis of monitoring results that decisions are made and action is taken.

Improvement As result of the use of the data and information gathered and through it 302e7 analysis with target indicators it possible to support the definition and the implement of actions and measures with the objective of improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the HACCP system.

Scope This standard describes the requirements that apply to a management 0202 for the control of food safety. The organization defines the areas to be covered.

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At this stage a product description must be constructed for two fs Control of Non-Conforming Product The organization shall establish documented procedures, which ensure that no potentially unsafe products are supplied to the customer. If there is a hazard then you should move on to question two Q2. It is also important to assign responsibility for corrective action both to prevent and correct deviations.


In addition to critical limits you may find it advantageous to have another layer of control to help manage the process. Continue shopping Proceed to checkout. Chemical, biological and physical characteristics; Composition including additives and processing aids; Origin and method of production; Delivery method, packaging and storage conditions; Preparation before use; Acceptance es. The purpose of an audit is to place on record the findings.

The planning shall include: Following on from the identification of hazards, the process of risk assessment involves three additional steps: Do not show this again. If you wish to download it, please recommend 3207e to your friends in any social system. We think you have liked this presentation. This standard is applicable to any organization who wish and maintain an HACCP management system with a view to demonstrating food safety and, if appropriate, applying for certification of the HACCP management system.

Establishment of a Monitoring System Monitoring is the scheduled measurement or observation at a CCP to ensure compliance with target levels and that the process is in control. The answer cs be largely obvious from the hazard analysis but make sure that you have covered the following issues: ISO will require dz implementation of good practices and expects organizations to define the practices dx are appropriate to them. Establishment of Critical Limits; 9. Identification and Hazards Analysis A hazard is something that has the potential to cause harm, it may be physical, chemical or biological.

Implementation and Management of Safety Systems

If the answer to question four Q4 is yes, move on to the decision tree with the next hazard or process step. They include qualitative and quantitative techniques. Is the immediate environment likely to include the hazard s? This question can require a significant level of technical expertise, and consultation with experts may be required. Food Safety Management Systems The idea of harmonizing the relevant national standards on the international level was mooted by the Danish Standardization body DS.


As part of the HACCP system, the organization is required to implement GMP measures to address internal conditions and conditions relating to the organization.

DS E – Google Books

About project SlidePlayer Terms of Service. The specific monitoring procedure for each individual CCP will depend on the critical limits, and also on the capabilities of the monitoring device or method. Is cross-contamination possible from another product or raw material? Once this is completed, only then should the diagram be verified and passed as a live document for progression to later stages.

The questions in the tree should be asked for each hazard at each process step. If the answer to this question is yes, then you should move straight on to question three Q3.

On-site verification of the flow diagram; 6. Each CCP may have a number of different factors which need to be controlled to ensure product safety, and each of these factors will have an associated critical limit. Auditing the HACCP System The audit then becomes the systematic examination, evaluation and finally, reporting on objective evidence found as to the compliance or non-compliance with the given standard.

Policy Implementation and Management of Safety Systems 6. Registration Forgot your password?

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