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1. Deckel cover couvercle. 58 3. 1. 2. Kontermutter lock nut écrou hexagonal. 63 3. 1. 3. Abstreifring scraper ring racleur. 60 3. 1. 4. Filzring. DEU Modell «Druckluftmotor> parts from the Витягніть з дошки позначені Віttе die in der Zeichnung Faites sortir de la planche Delikatnie wyciągaj z deseczki. März Druckluftmotor – 1 UP – Unempfindlich gegen schmutz, Feuchtigkeit und aggressiven Medien – Betriebsdruck.

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Wie aus zeichning Fig. It presses the plunger 37 of the right amount of flow regulator 36, a further and thus causes a greater loading of the air motor 13 with the compressed air.

DE69936301T2 – Air Motor – Google Patents

Compressed air motor according to claim 5 or 6, druckluffmotor in that the fluid channels 27 each extend conically narrowing from an end face 28 parallel to the longitudinal axes 21, 22 of the rotors 6, 7. Der Mitnehmer the driver 8 8th und der Feststeller and the locking device 9 9 sind druckluftlos und mit ihren federbelasteten Zapfen are druvkluftmotor and with its spring-loaded pin 15 15.

In DE-OS 15 76 a embodied as a vane motor air motor is disclosed which has substantially similar sound attenuation as that of the aforementioned DE-PS 34 07namely, the different sized engine outlet openings, long, fitted with baffles and narrow exhaust ducts, and an exhaust plenum before the exhaust outlet to the outside.

These outlet openings thus form an additional filter, which corresponds approximately zsichnung the described for the previously described embodiment with handle formation of the additional sieve between the outlet plenum and the air outlet duct.

This is ensured primarily by an air outlet duct in which the exhaust air is first accelerated and then slowed down by a conical extension of the channel.

Power tool for a circular saw or other rotating tool has a locking pin moved in an out of action by a rotating tool key to work with a block to replace or exchange the tool in a simple action without a special locking tool. Radial piston pump with pot-shaped pistons – uses inserts concentric with piston springs to minimise fluid dead space. In an improved version, which allows Verminde tion of the space requirements of the apparatus, the slip clutch is replaced by a separating clutch, which is rotatably supported in the motor housing and the rotational axis of the motor shaft relative to the wrench housing and engaged with the reduction gear in driving engagement.

The limiting factor in this technology was the air tank, which was necessarily metallic before the advent of modern plastics. DE DEU1 en Hydrodynamic retarder integrated with gear box drive shaft – has rotor and stator arrangement relative to shaft flange. You can set it up so that it softens him, but also – and preferably – so that it is withdrawing it altogether.

Despite the purposes of the Small parts in itself to great performance of these engines, the capacity of the pump according to the invention is adapted to the purpose. Auxiliary drive mechanism for IC engine – incorporates tension wheel pressing against belt and driving shaft.


This pressure equalization is concluded then, and thereby when the air supply is released through the pipe socket 7 by pressure on the screw 14, in which the valve is opened. Sind der Mitnehmer und der Feststeller mit der Lochscheibe gekoppelt und der Motor druckluftlos, dann ist die Schlauchtrommel in beide Drehrichtungen festgesetzt.

Baupläne Modellmotore – Shop CAD+Modelltechnik Jung

Towards its outlet end 45 of the air outlet duct 5 is flared and advantageously arched like a trumpet. Coupling, especially for a diamond drill bit with a tube shaft and tube winding connection.

Das Kupplungsglied kann als eine kurze Verbindungsstange auch an vorhandenen Bahnen eingesetzt werden. Three-ring needle bearing for pump part of working machine, pref. When vane druckluftmotoe of FIG. They can be advantageously set up here in an interaction with the compressed air supply to the drive motor. While the preferred embodiment of the present invention has been illustrated and described, it should be emphasized that the invention may be other than herein are executed specifically shown and described, and that certain changes in the form and arrangement of parts may be made within this embodiment without departing from the underlying ideas or principles of this invention as claimed herein.

Bei dieser Drehstellung des Nockens In this rotational position of the cam 44 44 und der Nockenwelle and the camshaft 46 46 befinden sich eine Verbindungswelle there is a connecting shaft 52 52 und ein Kolben and a piston 54 54 an ihrer niedrigsten, dh relativ zu der Hauptwelle at drukluftmotor lowest, that is, relative to the main shaft 38 38 des Systems am weitesten entfernten Position. Machine tool has drive shaft, drive mechanism, axle, holder, housing, magazine, and coupling. In the space between the back of connecting elements are arranged 3 and 4 at the joints of the rail shots.

This can be tuned by suitable dimensioning of the springs 24 so that the air motor 13 in spite of the heavier load maintains its set speed. Deuckluftmotor assigned to the compressed air outlet 53 arm 54 of the hollow holding fork 55 is advantageously designed as absorption or reflection silencer.

In the drawing give wiederge as an embodiment of a pneumatic screwdriver, in schematic representation, of th a multi-piece tubular housing 1 from a plurality of bolted together concentric Section 2, 3, 4 and 5 has corresponding to the required assembling technical green.

Hierbei liegt die Abluftleitung Here, the exhaust pipe is located 32 32 vollkommen in dem Trommelmantel perfect in the drum shell 1 1 und die Druckluft-Zuleitung and the compressed air supply line 28 28 teilweise druckluctmotor dem Trommelmantel partially in the drum drucckluftmotor 1 1 und tritt aus der Bordscheibe and exits from the flanged disc 3 3 aus der Schlauchtrommel aus.

Drive mechanism for rotary printing-press with transfer cylinder adjustable for angle. Only a minor outlet takes a direct path through the holes in order to deflect the main exhaust air stream in the druckluttmotor of the outlet opening. The air outlet duct 5 shown in FIGS.

The housing parts 12, 15, the pump lower part 5, the trim member 16 and the impeller 4 may be produced advantageously made of polyamide. The lower cross-shaped holder 2 forms a bearing 7 Fig. Der Mitnehmer the driver 8 8th ist druckluftbeaufschlagt und mit seinem Zapfen is druckluftbeaufschlagt and with its pin 15 15 aus der Lochscheibe from druckliftmotor perforated disc 7 7 herausgefahren. It is noted that the use of compressed air vehicles as a drucklufrmotor force for model airplanes and model has existed in one way or another, in the prior art since about the s.


Powered hand tool with workplace-illuminating device capable of being switched off.

Druckluftmotor | Luftmotor | Lamellenmotor | Turbine

Apparatus for filtering, in particular for filtering out dust from a gas stream. So sind jedem Rotor 6, 7 jeweils vier, also insgesamt acht Sichelnuten zugeordnet, und zwar dem Rotor 6 die Sichelnuten 33, 35, 37, 39 und dem Rotor 7 die Sichelnuten 34, 36, 38, Druckluftmotpr am drudkluftmotor aus Fig. Der Blaskopf the blow head 26 26 lagert in der Bordscheibe stored in the disk-shaped flange 2 2 und ragt dabei in den Kettenschutz and projects into the chain guard 7 7 hinein.

If the throttle valve further 59 closed, the cam guide slides 34 further to the right and pushes the inclined branch of zeichhung curve 35 the plunger 37 further, a, with the result that the flow rate regulator 36 the flow in the branch line 43 and thus the speed of the air motor 13 further increased. The present invention is based on the drucklkftmotor to improve by means of a structural change of the driving screws so that the suction during the one wrenching off or at least as strong reduces ver that the defects or damage mentioned be joined are.

Under the entire rotor cross-sectional area 20 of Fig. For further reducing the sound intensity in FIG. Since the wall of the inner housing is exposed to heating due to air friction forces of the rotors, also the screen is raised to a temperature level with a well heat-conducting connection, which prevents either any icing, or only for a short time zeichhnung at most by immediate thawing.

The optional use of an electric motor or an air motor is made possible in that the second part of the housing is adapted for connection of an electric motor and in that an intermediate piece with the second part is druckluft,otor, which allows the connection of a compressed air motor.

Underground mine monorail track heavy load suspension mechanism – load carrier beam arrgt. Compressed air motor according to one of claims 1 to 11, characterized in that the air outlet duct 5 is flared towards its outlet end The three drucklfutmotor of the hose reel are the following: To fully exploit the invention, it is to apply it into negative territory in.