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Two or so years ago, Dream Multimedia launched its revolutionary Dreambox DM – arguably the most radical and exciting. The DM is similar to the DM but with the ability to add a second “snap- in” tuner that makes it possible to. 25 items Find great deals on eBay for dreambox dm Shop with confidence.

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Aug 15, Topper.

DM HD se was introduced in late Those with hearty televisual appetites will appreciate that 77025 system supports GB of information. With the new firmware installed, the Internet download facility worked as it should.

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There are also many third party addons and plugins available that will extend the functionality of the Dreambox. The satellite world, of course, is in a state of perpetual motion: On either side of this are standby and channel change buttons, the only front-panel controls on offer.

Dreambox is a series of Linux -powered DVB satelliteterrestrial and cable digital television receivers set-top boxesproduced by German multimedia vendor Dream Multimedia.

Consequently, this review will focus on the Enigma firmware that ships with the unit.

DM Flashing a new firmware with Browser |

Replies 8 Views 6, What you see is a rather boring main menu that includes the aforementioned setup and plug-in sub-menus. We have no doubt, though, that improvements are on their way – courtesy of a dreamox network near you. Some enthusiasts have modified Enigma to make their own custom versions, which are also available for download. Performance is also solid, with sound and pictures that subjectively equal the best.


InDream Multimedia also introduced a non-Linux based Dreambox receiver, the DM, their sole to date, still featuring an Ethernet port. There are four colour-coded options for accessing channels: Problem with Art Card access. Not that messing around with firmware is a prerequisite.

DM 7025 flashing with DreamUp

However, a bad flash will occur under rare scenarios, and rarely, almost never, will you need a JTAG. An unofficial firmware group called Gemini who used the latest flash drivers in their firmware, found that flash corruption would be caused on clone DMS receivers. Clones of the DMS are wide spread. Views Read Edit View history.

As a result, it’s impossible to manually record or dfeambox radio programmes. Another limitation is that the UHF modulator has a narrow range – channels 30 to 39 only. This failed, but we finally upgraded 77025 firmware from a PC using an innovative web interface. The DM gives you the choice of both automated and manual scans. Another bug aff ects TV recordings – our sample locked up when a scheduled timer recording clashed with a manual one.

There are a number of different models of Dreambox available.


Unfortunately, it must downconvert this to i or i to display it. It has the standard features of a free-to-air FTA satellite receiver, plus extensive Fast Ethernet networking connectivity and a single smart card reader. Other developers of unofficial firmware groups would find boxes to be affected by this if freambox use the latest drivers, providing another time bomb is to be introduced. New DM s come with the standard Enigma pre-installed so you can use them ‘out-of-the-box’ just like any other satellite drembox.

Of course, they’re ‘downscaled’ to standard-definition – 70225 it’s a nice option to have. Aug 26, barjoh. Even a positioner plugin didn’t work, and so we resorted to using the receiver’s signal and quality bar graphs when manually ‘peaking’ the dish with the dreakbox. In regular use, switching between channels is commendably fast. Further setup menus allow you to specify the type of video display and give greater control of DiSEqC parameters. Note that, as an alternative, recordings can be scheduled directly from the 7-day EPG which is accessed via the remote’s info button.

You can also define a list of favourite channels. If you only have a single output LNB, you can ‘daisy-chain’ the input of one from the other’s output.