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The here has no potted black box, only a bunch of TL and which don´t appear in the schematic I have (with the black box). Download Drawmer Drawmer mic pre & compressor ✅ Professional audio systems service manuals and repai information. Drawmer mic pre & : Full Text Matches – Check >> Voroshilov- jpg, , Schematic diagram OLDEST bulgarians doorphone.

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Use the Output Gain control to restore any level lost due to compression. The attack and release times are switchable rather than being continuously variable and this method of operation falls into line with that of its all valve predecessors.

Equalization is provided along with sufficient gain to overload the tube pre-amp for sustain effects. Once the valves had been stressed they needed replacing.

Has anyone had any experience tech-ing one of these units?

Because the compression system is based on the Soft Knee principle, the onset of compression is progressive, so schemxtic Ratio control is necessary. The actual attack time is drawmmer modified by the release setting chosen.

Bypass only takes the compressor out of circuit leaving the vacuum tube warmth in the circuit path; the output signal is taken from the signal insert return point. Combining eight active tube stages and the low noise and reliability of solid state electronics, the Drawmer provides the ultimate direct interface between the sound source and the recording medium.

A common mistake that people make when trying to design something completely foolproof is to underestimate the ingenuity of complete fools.


Drawmer – Manual

There are four fixed Release times and a further two which are programme dependent. By increasing the Gain control setting, the input stage can be made to overdrive in a manner similar to that of traditional valve guitar amplifiers. Some kind of control that’s intuitive, not complicated like a single knob” – Crusty “Back when everything sounde.

Determines the input level above which gain reduction will be applied and may be set in the range dB drawmerr infinity.

Download Drawmer 1960 docs – Professional audio systems service manuals and repai information

Because the meter has VU characteristics, it closely reflects what is actually being heard, though will not respond quickly enough to register short signal peaks. Rectified this and put more new tubes – problem solved!

The subtle tube colorations add warmth and schekatic to the sound, while at the same time emphasising mid-range and high-frequency detail. The Aux input is a valuable addition as it combines the virtues of a D. Harpo Member Rahden, Germany Posts: For high quality location recording, the makes the perfect partner for a DAT machine, as it combines the functions of stereo mic preamp with that of a compressor.

1906 by robinball The Lab. What do you mean with OTA? If for some reason the unit is to be used at a mains input operating voltage which is different to that as supplied, the following procedure must be carried out. Gain The Output level may be amplified or attenuated by up to frawmer to compensate for level changes caused by compression and limiting.


Because the compressor is a soft knee type, it requires few controls. The first version of the potted VCA burned up and died pretty regularly.

Drawmer Electronics 1960 Mic-Pre/Tube Compressor User Manual

For this reason, it is unwise to use more compression than is strictly necessary. The side-chain access point and the two different level insert points are unbalanced. Johan on May 29, Interestingly, the attack times are further modified by the choice of release setting so the range of choices are wider than it might first appear.

The use of compression on complete mixes can cause a dulling of the sound but the ‘s tube circuitry combined with the soft-knee action helps maintain the clarity and transparency of transient sounds. The Drawmer is a two channel unit with each channel comprised of a completely drawmfr sounding “soft knee” vacuum tube compressor and an extremely low noise microphone pre-amplifier with switchable 48 volt phantom power.

Drawmer Electronics –

Remove the cover plate and slide the switch fully to its opposite end. The instrument preamplifier may be routed through either compressor channel or both and is suitable for a variety of signal sources, from electric guitars and basses to electronic keyboards.

Two sets of insert points on the rear panel allow additional effects to be added either before or during compression.