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File types supported by DraftBoard Unlimited EDU. Our users primarily use DraftBoard Unlimited EDU to open these file types: VLM. Ltd. DraftBoard and DraftBoard Unlimited are trademarks of Concepts Technology Co. Ltd.. Other trademarks and product names are trademarks and registered. Draft Board Unlimited Crack > ef

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If the surface does not maintain curvature continuity, the air molecules separate from the wing surface and cause a vacuum.

DraftBoard Unlimited : Reference Guide |

The selected commands are automatically filled in the Commands list box. The arc is tangent to a line drawn from the starting point to this point. You can use the Construction pen style, but any pen style is acceptable. Current This button makes the selected line pattern the current pattern. With the mouse button still held down, move the mouse to the desired location for the endpoint of the line.

Macros can call other macros if Setting the Environment they are in the Utilities menu. Just type a value. If the three points are on the vertical or horizontal axis, a straight line is drawn.

You can use the Status Line in three ways: Units This dialog box specifies the units and precision for the current DraftBoard document. You close the dialog by clicking on the Close box in the title bar.


When you print or plot such lines, you can see the different weights. Click a point to begin new geometry. Rectangle Corner-Center This tool draws a horizontal or vertical rectangle as a single object, unlimitdd the center point and one corner point of the rectangle.


This command is described later in this chapter. You can also create parallel lines by creating one construction line using this box, then deaftboard new lines with the Parallel Line tool.

Creating an additional Function palette 1. You can change the default setting by saving changes in the preferences file, prefs.

DraftBoard Unlimited : Reference Guide

Then you have to restart DraftBoard. However, you should be able to see the difference in pen weights on your prints and plots.

Revert changes all the line patterns back to their defaults, not just the pattern selected from the Edit Pattern pull-down list. If you click on an object while holding down the Ctrl key Macintosh: First Click 2 Second Click Third Click The status line allows you to specify the X, Y coordinates of the endpoints of the arc and the rraftboard of the tangent line. The characteristics used for new files the default settings are contained in the prefs.

The Function [param] dialog box contains the following elements: Remove The Draftboardd button will remove any selected entry from one of the three list boxes. When the grid is visible, the Drawing Assistant snaps to the grid spacing. Hidden lines are actually visible on the screen and in your drawing; unlimitec represent lines that would be hidden in a solid object.


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If you hold down the mouse button and press the c key on your keyboard, the Drawing Assistant finds the center of the circle when you move the pointer near the center. Specifying the construction line offset with the mouse Note: Select more from the Color submenu, if you want to select a different color than one of dratfboard seven displayed basic colors.

Setting the Environment Edit Style This command in the Pen menu sets the characteristics for the pen styles. Smart Pointer When you select a tool and move the pointer into the drawing area, the pointer shape is representative of the tool. The last section of this chapter tells you how to save your preferences for default settings and how you can customize DraftBoard. Position and Status for the following palettes are saved with this command: