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Check out Dracula The Musical – The Studio Cast Recording by Frank Wildhorn & Jeremy Roberts on Amazon Music. Stream ad-free or purchase CD’s and. Dracula, The Musical – Show synopsis – Shows D. the novel Dracula by Bram Stoker; Lyrics by Don Black and Christopher Hampton; Music by Frank Wildhorn. Dracula Version List 2 / 2 8/02PreludelJonathan’s Amval /02 Into Castle Dracula Wildhorn’s score for short-lived Broadway show Dracula the Musical.

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Lucy is buried and shortly rises again as a vampire. But Dracula realizes that this should not be Mina’s fate. Mina feels a strange attraction to the Count, despite the fact that cracula turned Lucy into a vampire. Dracula Dracula Skip to main content. Torn between her fear and love she eventually invites him to come in.

Here’s the list from the world premiere production at the La Jolla Playhouse in California: Harker removes the crucifix from his neck and the Brides prepare to drink his blood “Forever Young”.

Lucy dies and is finally wildgorn to rest in peace.

Dracula The Musical

Using hypnosis, Van Helsing gets Mina, who is now telepathically connected to Dracula, to reveal the Count’s whereabouts. Wolves howl, and Dracula departs. There’s Always A Tomorrow”. It had new orchestrations by Nicholas Cheng Frank’s assistantand Frank himself was directly involved in the development of the production. Dracula shortly appears before Mina, who now decides to follow her beloved into the darkness.


Mina makes dacula man, even Harker, promise to kill her if it seems her soul is beyond saving “Jonathan’s Promise”. Harker manages to escape – after being bitten by his host – to Budapest. Jonathan Harkera young lawyer drwcula England, travels to Transylvania in order to fix a deal with the elderly Count Draculawho wants to buy a home in London Prologue.

The hunters’ then prepare for their journey and final battle with Dracula “Deep In the Darkest Night”.

Mina explains to Lucy that she has received a telegram from Harker in Budapest, and that she must go to marry him at once. With tears running down her face, she fulfills her lover’s last wish, just before the hunters return. Bram Stoker ‘s Dracula.

Dracula The Musical | Music Theatre International

The conversation quickly turns to Lucy’s dilemma of having three marriage proposals offered to her in one day. The show officially opened on 19 August, and played a total of 22 previews and performances. Retrieved from ” https: Dracula is revealed to be returning home to Transylvania due to the destruction of his hiding place in London. While they travel, Jonathan wrestles with his promise. When Lucy catches sight of Dracula, she faints. A new German translation was provided by Herwig Thelen.


Dracula enters and puts Harker in a trance before seducing Mina. Morris is killed by Dracula when he tries to stake the vampire in his coffin. The hunters reach Dracula’s castle and the final showdown takes place.

With tears running down her eyes, she fulfils her lover’s last wish. As the song ends, Dracula appears above Mina. Finale – There’s Always Tomorrow.

Unable to fight her desire for the Count any longer she invites the vampire into the house “If I Could Fly”. His writing credits also include Tartuffe, Tales from Hollywoodand Treats. Even the renowned vampire expert Van Helsing cannot help her anymore. Have a Show-tacular New Year!