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Ensuring data availability and integrity, while still meeting capacity and backup window constraints, is about to get significantly easier. The Dell DR Dell has announced the DR, an update to their backup and recovery appliance line that is based on the Fluid Data Architecture. the DR, the DR and the. DRv help you: • Reduce the storage footprint for backups. • Enable backup data to remain on disk and online longer.

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Original protective wrapping, if any, is intact.

New Sealed products include all original parts, accessories, drll and additional features if applicable. Deell migartion from centos Tintri releases TGC 4. The DR has native replication capabilities built into the appliance. Jumbo frames are going to increase the amount of throughput through the NICs, but at the cost of performance on the media server. Kimbrer Computer 1-Year Warranty A new, unused item with or without its original retail packaging.

Any and all third party links, statements, comments, or feedback posted to, or otherwise provided by this forum, thread or post are not affiliated with, nor endorsed by, Commvault. NetVault Backup users can now ease that burden by replicating backup data from multiple DR appliances to a single target, and then archiving that consolidated data to tape.

Please install it before running this script. For the DR, we only got this speed from the appliance: Cables or other accessories if applicable are included. Enterprise Support Library Project Exchange.

Now turned it of but there is no difference as far as I can say. Dell has announced the DR, an update to their backup and recovery appliance line that is based on the Fluid Data Architecture.

  AVAYA 4602 PDF

Dell DR4100 Backup and Recovery Appliance Released

Are you running any AV scans delo the BE services? Cisco Excess equipment are usually canceled orders, over-production and demo models and can be recognised by the Cisco product number, followed by —WS. In fact, we officially disclaim all liability. If you are going to use the BE dedup option, it would be better to license Boost at the same time and use the appliance as an OST device.

A used and pre-owned item that has been thoroughly refurbished to “like new” condition by our in-house technicians to make sure everything works perfectly.

Dell DR performance issues – VOX

NetVault retains end-to-end control of all backup tasks while delegating control of storage management to the DR appliance. Ok thanks for the input, but that was promised by Dell that this is also possible with this Appliance. Replicated disk library using Dell DR Posted: You got to check with Dell as to whether any licence is required to use it as an OST device. NetVault is automatically made aware of the completion and location of replicated data copies, enabling fast restores dr41000 reliable disaster recovery.

This is a significant improvement from the 5 to 1 replication in the DR Hello Patrick, When taking. Any backup set will be dedup’ed and when you do a verify it is rehydrated before the verification begins. See plugin depl and graphs for more information. While the DR can start as small as 2. These items come in original retail dlel with all applicable accessories included.

The DR appliances are local to each site. Last post Cloudian as a backup target. Dell said the new seamless integration between NetVault Backup and the DR enables users to minimise network traffic and shrink backup windows while protecting critical data across various operating systems.


Dell / Quest DR-series check, for DR, DR, DR, DR – Nagios Exchange

See also attached pdf. I don’t know why these values were different. De4100 table level restore. Maybe CIFS is slow??

I’ve updated this to suit our needs better and put it on github https: New Open Box items are usually customer returns or cancelled orders. All products are fully functional, although some items might have minor cosmetic imperfections. DR no clue, setup by Dell consultant.

So after that speed in Backup exec is corresponding with iperf. Most Active Daily Users. What does condition mean?

New Bulk products could be pulled from a common inventory that was dismantled for parts, and may be packaged and sold in bulk multiple units in one box. I believe your device is a. Hello Patrick, When taking data off it rehydrates for tape so there is a performance hit. Cluster Media agent Configuratio Requires ‘sshpass’ to function. A replicated library relies on replication tools outside of CommVault to perform the replication.

Waiting now to hear again from Dell.

If you are going to use the. Oldest to newest Newest to oldest Previous Next. Samsung ZET Review.