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It’s very hard to find non-English scripts, let alone translated ones. Has anyone had any luck with Dogtooth? Would love to read this one. One of the most controversial Academy Award nominees in years is Dogtooth, a Greek entry in the Best Foreign Film category. I saw it at an. Posts about Dogtooth written by Adam-Scott and Bryan Parrill.

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Do you like the music? The family’s well-ordered life starts to unravel when Dad brings, blindfolded from factory to home, his firm’s security officer, the pretty Christina. We open the hot water taps and each puts his finger scrit hot water. There is a tall fence surrounding the house. Petrou is asking for you. Do you want to hear your grandfather singing?


Mary Tsoni was not a professional actress, but a singer in a punk band. Do you want a pet, or a friend?

dogttooth Archived from the original on 1 March To leave the house in safety one should use the car. A or more. Besides, I don’t believe you. Today is our wedding anniversary.

Dogtooth (film) – Wikipedia

I’ll fight, so you won’t have to. And that you asked me to lick you down low, at your keyboard. A child is ready to leave his house when?

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Kynodontas (Dogtooth) (2009) Movie Script

Archived from the original on 2 February Views Read Edit View history. That night, she knocks out one of her dogteeth with scrupt dumbbell and hides in the boot of svript father’s car. In the slightest What’s that on your headband? I had sprayed some already. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

I do not like this gift. Find Us On Facebook. It was just two before.


Your brother is dead. The arrival of sex in the house provokes curiosity for the outside world. He noted the director’s “complete command of visuals and performances. You want this pencil?

When the father discovers the tapes, he scriipt her with one of them, then goes to Christina’s flat and hits her with her VCR, cursing her future children to be corrupted by “bad influences”. Or the left one, doesn’t really matter. I dreamed of you the other day. The belly or the stomach? Efthymis FilippouYorgos Lanthimos.

When do I learn to fight?