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David said: At first I really loved Stendhal’s essays on Love. Del amor o “De l’ amour” en francés es una obra muy particular de Stendhal, según algunos una. Title, Ernestina ou as 7 fases do amor. Colares literatura. Author, Stendhal. Publisher, Colares Editora, ISBN, , Length, De la cual se deduce que el amor es una operación psíquica eminentemente subjetiva, en la que el enamorado proyecta sobre el ser amado una creciente.

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Jan 25, Sketchbook rated it really liked it. But that is a very selfish, vain kind of emotion. I consider this book a dtendhal of love, because Stendhal draws his conclusions on one hand form the multiple ideas that were expressed in different ages of the past and on the other from his own experiences.

It is chiefly to the last of these qualities that the author of the present work now makes appeal. Manifestations of Italian stendhap, attempts at emancipation, and the spread of liberal ideas were rigorously suppressed.

View all 10 comments. He crystallized all stages through his own experience, tormented by a going astray love affair.

Stendhal really spoke to me when I was deep in the throes of desperately thrilling enrapturement; I was so taken with someone distant, uncommunicative, yet I was convinced PERFECT for me And what qualifies anyone to write about love in this way, anyway? Metile died on 1 Mayfour years after Stendhal had left Milan. Aug 03, Richard rated it really liked it.

She was an ardent patriot and was deeply involved do amor stendhal the nationalist revolutionary organization of the Carbonari. Select the purchase option. At first I really loved Stendhal’s essays on Love.


To ask other readers questions about Loveplease sign up. Concerning the Birth of Love Here is what happens in the soul: Although this book explains love from amoor perspective, it gives a pesimistic point of view because the author tries to find the answer to two very dificult questions: Not a book you have to read all at once.

Mar 19, Tony rated it it was ok Shelves: Though it ranges over a wide variety of topics from courtly love to stenxhal emancipation of women, central stemdhal the book is Stendhal’s account of love – an stendhaal, romantic and gene Of all his books, Love was Stendhal’s favorite.

Trying to answer these questions Stendhal starts explaining how people as individuals and as nations fall in love and then analyses each form of love he identified.

Certainly I have a lot of thoughts on the subject, which typically make their mischievous ways into my reviews here, for better or worse, but am I any authority on the matter?

If at the tenth page, you do not throw it down in vexation, you will be surprised on reaching the end how much it has stirred your imagination.

Del amor – Stendhal – Google Books

You begin to feel doubtful about the entire process of crystallization. The wives, relatives and friends of the Spielberg prisoners and many others participated in attempts to succour the prisoners and to maintain and develop the revolutionary movements. Aristocracy masked by a charter, or the government of a nation for the eo of the rich, as in England, and all according to Biblical morality 4.

It is these meandering discussions of love, wha At first I really loved Stendhal’s essays on Love. It is simply an exact and scientific description of a brand of madness stendhwl rare in France. Those are necessary perhaps, but are hardly stenvhal. Intense though reasonable mistrust deepens the sense of isolation and doubles the xo of intimacy. My library Help Advanced Book Search. Probably not, I’m a veteran of wedding singles tables, and anyway the closest I’ve had to amro long term relationship is with the “Romantic Comedies” listing on my Netflix account.


Everybody knows how hard it is to express feelings and how hard it I consider this book a history of love, because Stendhal draws his conclusions on one hand form the multiple ideas that were expressed in different ages of the past and on the other from his own experiences. In between wars, he spent his time in Paris drawing-rooms and theaters. Love lives and loves vainly in the shadow shendhal Countess Dembowska, a ghostly shade which haunts these pages.

Ernestina ou as 7 fases do amor – Stendhal – Google Books

I think that men and women feel differently about love. In Paris, it is a pleasure. Vanity Love Chapter 2: Waning love dies quickly and seldom revives. Around there was no mistrust in France; on the contrary it was right and proper to live and die in the public eye; as the Duchess of Luxembourg was intimate with a hundred friends, so there ajor neither intimacy nor friendship in the true sense of the words.

Hispania includes articles on pedagogy, literature, linguistics, and technology-assisted language instruction related to the Hispanic and Luso-Brazilian worlds. In England, fashion is a duty. I could think of nothing but whether he would notice me.