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Please enjoy my Django Fakebook Whether you call it ‘jazz manouche’, ‘ gypsy swing’ or gypsy jazz’, its 70 years or so after this music’s. DJANGOFAKEBOOK DJANGO FAKEBOOK After you’ve gone Ain’t misbehavin’ Alemberts Alors? voila! A. DJANGO FAKEBOOK – Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. Real book de los temas que tocaba Django Reinhardt.

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Thanks pickitjohnthat’ll be useful.

Some notes about printing this book: Wish there were, Pete. Not aware of any transposed lead sheets. Part of my intent in doing this book was to expand dmango gypsy jazz repertoire, if not out there in the gypsy jazz community, then at least in my own band! I’ve seen friends with iPhones pull up music and use an app to change the key.

Djanho fake book Author: I’ll transpose also a few others for you and send them back. I forgot all about this post. This was all made possible because someone handed me a DVD with everything Django ever recorded! It has been a long time, but I think it was a European site for gypsy jazz guitars Accessories Accessories that every clarinetist needs – reed makers and shapers, ligatures, greases, oils, and preservatives I love this music, but I like to hear a little more variety during the course of a set or show.


I just found one at http: Do you mind if I print a few off? No doubt someone here will know how to do this. Is there a Django fakebook out there, his tunes in standard notation with changes, ala the Real Book? It is my intention to share it for educational purposes faksbook.

So a lot of these charts are transcribed from the original recordings – often from multiple takes. Pete, did you establish whether the Robin Nolan book was in standard notation?

Does anyone know if there is a fzkebook version of the Django Fakebook for Bb trumpet? Welcome to our Community! I notated these bends by notating the note to be bent from usually, but not always.

If you download all tunes from the forum you should have enough to go on for awhile. There is an excellent jazz font template available. For chords for improvising I use iRealPro.

I only play gypsy style now and this guitar doesn’t get played at all. They are protected by my copyleft – creative commons restriction. Here’s a bit of Django MP3 fun http: I like playing with horn players, and having the melodies transposed sure would save me some pencil lead.

Reeds Great reeds available from around the djanbo.


Repertoire for performing for a music academy I need some help choosing repertoire for performing for a music academy. Genuine Tortoise shell for sale, is this for real???

Let me know if the link works for fakeboook. There are some great sites for guitar tab, even some MP3 recordings for guitar, but the format you are talking about is not available.

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Who’s Online 3 2: I also changed some keys from the originals because I play with horn players: Please enjoy my Django Fakebook As one who does charts for the odd bit of money Screen Shot at June in Welcome.

Charles Meadows on. Check em out before you use em though a number have decidedly outside the box fakebbook. Wonderful books, but pretty difficult to adapt to mandolin althought the practice CDs are priceless!

Looking for Skype testimonials -up for it? Sign In or Register to comment. Looking for brass tuners for my selmer style guitar Hi all, i’be been tinkering with my guitar for some time as some of my previous threads show.