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Diodorus Siculus fl. 1st century BC) or Diodorus of Sicily was a Greek historian. He is known for writing the monumental universal history Bibliotheca historica. Diodorus Siculus, Greek historian of Agyrium in Sicily, ca. 80–20 BCE, wrote forty books of world history, called Library of History, in three parts: mythical history. Diodorus opens the Fourth Book \^ith a defence of Diodorus took generously from a Praise of Heracles Uterary sources, a history of Sicily and the western.

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Jerome Charles Henry Oldfather.

War between Carthage and Sicily, won by Gelon. The Sicilian narrative focusses on Dionysios the Elder’s establishment of his tyranny in Sicilyhsitorica, 18his second war with the Carthaginians,and his invasion of southern Italy Sources of information include Aristobulus of CassandreiaCleitarchusOnesicritus and Nearchusbut it is hitsorica clear that he used these directly.

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Diodorus Siculus

Rise of Alexander the Great: Finally he describes the islands of H iera and Panchaea in the southern ocean, and the Greek islands.

In this book, Diodorus describes the geography of Europe. Owing to its length, the book is split into two halves, the first running down to the Battle of Gaugamela and the second part continuing until his death They are duodorus boasters and threateners and are fond of pompous language, and yet they have sharp wits and are not without cleverness at learning.

The Romans are victorious in the Third Macedonian War. Search the Perseus Catalog for: Now Celtica was ruled in ancient times, so we are told, by a renowned man who had a daughter who was of unusual stature and far excelled in beauty all the other maidens.


Books 32 to 38 or 39 probably had Poseidonius as their source.

Based on the writings on AgatharchidesDiodorus describes gold mining in Egyptwith horrible working conditions:. Becoming renowned for his bravery, he called his subjects Galatae or Gauls 24 after himself, and these in turn gave their name to all of Galatia or Gaul.

The book is again divided into Greek and Sicilian narratives. Further doings of Agathocles, most of them pretty horrible; Sicily gets assistance against him from Carthage.

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In general, indeed, Tyrrhenia, being altogether fertile, lies in extended open fields and is traversed at intervals by areas which rise up like hills and yet are fit for tillage; and it enjoys moderate rainfall not only in the winter season but in the summer siculhs well. The thicker the border, the more information.

Diodorus Siculus – Wikipedia

In the period from to BC, which he treats in annalistic fashion and in which his main source was the Universal History of Ephorus, his importance varies according to whether he is the sole continuous source, or again as he is paralleled by superior writers.

Diodours the Trojan War: Some of the Greek text is online at Perseus, in a mix of three editions, not linked to each other: An account of the Dead Sea. Rome consolidates her power in Asia Minor. In a word, this island is well supplied with springs of sweet water which not only makes the use of it enjoyable for those who pass their life there but also contribute to the health and vigour of their bodies.


LacusCurtius • Diodorus Siculus

It then transitions into praise of Philip IIwhose involvement in the Third Sacred War and resulting rise are the main subjects of the book.

The first covers mythic history up to the destruction of Troyarranged geographically, describing regions around the world from Egypt, India and Arabia to Greece and Europe. And since it was two powerful biblitoheca that united and the land of theirs was fertile, it came to pass that bibliogheca Celtiberians advanced far in fame and were subdued by the Romans with difficulty and only after they had faced them in battle over a long period.

Consequently many of the Italian traders, induced by the love of money which characterizes them, believe that the love of wine of these Gauls is their own godsend. Diodorus’ universal historywhich he named Bibliotheca historica Greek: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

So far indeed did the merchants go in their greed that, in case their boats were fully laden and there still remained a great amount of silver, they would hammer the lead off the anchors and have the silver perform the service of the lead. In the second half he presents the history of the country, its customs and religion, in a highly respectful tone.