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June D EUTSCHE NORM. Steel butt-welding pipe fittings. {. Part 2: Elbows and bends for use at full service pressure. Supersedes DIN Amendments. In comparison with the July edition of DIN , the following amendments have been made: a) for wall thickness series 5, dimensions si. Buy DIN BUTT WELDING FITTINGS – ELBOWS – PART 2: FULL CORRELATION OF UTILIZATION from SAI Global.

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DIN Standards are reviewed at least every five years.

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Steel Buttwelding Pipe Fittings – Elbows and Bends for use at Full service Pressure DIN standard specifies the design and dimensions of seamless and welded steel elbows and bends rated for the same internal pressure as the pipes to which they are to be connected cf. Pipe bow type 3, 25 x 1. All data are to be understood as non-binding reference values!

Please wait, check is in process Late ordering di Shipping on request is still available today if you order within the next Hours Minutes. Pipe bow type 3, 28 x 1. Home About Site Map Resource. Late ordering service Monday – Thursday Pipe bow type 3, 21,3 x 2,0mm, 1.


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Anyone can submit a proposal for a new standard. Show the next 20 items. Individual technical advice from technicians and engineers from 7: Utmost care must also be taken to make overseas packaging suitable for long periods of storage. When you place an order online Mon – Thu from As the pressure rating of pipes is a function of their wall thickness, fittings have been classified according to wall thickness series cf.

Payment options Cash on delivery Invoice. Pipe bow type 3, 25 x 2,0mm, 1. DIN staff members coordinate the standardization process and are responsible for overall project management, ensuring the uniformity and consistency of the German standards collection.

R [mm] 22,5 25,0 26,0 27,5 28,0 dih 32,5 33,5 38,0 45,0 47,5 48,0 51,0 57,0 67,5 70,0 72,5 75,0 76,0 92,0 95,0 ,0 ,5 ,5 ,0 ,0 ,0 ,5 ,0 ,0 ,0 ,0 ,0 ,0 ,0 ,0 ,0 ,0 ,0. We do not assume liability for any 265-2 selection not confirmed in writing. Click for more information. Pipe bow type 3, 20 x 2,0mm, 1.

Pipe bow type 3, 28 x 2,0mm, 1. 205-2 stakeholders can participate in this work, including manufacturers, consumers, businesses, research institutes, public authorities and testing bodies. Pipe bow type 3, 20 x 1. They send experts to represent their interests within DIN’s working bodies, which are overseen by some 70 standards committees, each of which is responsible for a specific subject area.


If a standard no longer reflects the current state of technology, it dkn either revised or withdrawn. The chosen item has been added to your basket. Standards are developed with full consensus, that is, they are developed by experts with the aim of arriving at a common standpoint, taking the state of the art into consideration.

Pipe bow type 3, 18 x 2,0mm, 1. Find the right item Reset all filters.

>> elbows en , dimensions and tolerances – Officine Orsi

Order from Mon-Fri between 0: Many thanks for ordering our newsletter! Pipe bow type 3, 30 x 2,0mm, 1. Both ends of each crate will indicate the order no. Do you still have any questions? Newsletter I agree to the data protection diin.

Pipe bows 90° construction type 3, EN 10253 type A (DIN 2605)

Search Add to basket. Sorting Catalogue sorting Popularity. Pipe bow type 3, 18 x 1.

Pipe bow type 3, 33,7 x 2,0mm, 1.