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Introduction. Not so long ago a user on deciding to buy an acoustic set for his home theater (intended for computers) saw three main alternatives (according to . I have the digitheatre dts speakers and they do not have seperate rear speaker connections. Is there a sound card that will give me 4 point. Hi Guys, looking for some advice. I have the chance of getting a Videologic Digitheatre DTS system for <£50 and would like to know if this.

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Here is a photo of the subwoofer without a tissue frame: Watch it live here Samsung Developer Conferenceday 2: To round dtx, weather your looking for directional support within games in the form of clear, crisp audio or weather you just want to have a better system to show off to your dfs the Digitheatre DTS will not disappoint.

Total weight with enclosure constitutes 15 kg. And at last, we can see something similar from many manufacturers now. Includes bracket-mounting digithdatre and removable grilles brackets available separately from www. Forget everything you know about Game Audio, forget everything you know about Halo come to think of it, your gaming experience is about to get a pole-vault victory of such Olympic proportions your going to ask yourself HOW!. Speaker System Details Speaker Type.

Nov 29, Posts: The next button is the level.

The king of the budget sound bars The king of the budget sound bars by Ty Pendlebury. I liked this system much more then previous. Speakers by Steve Guttenberg Nov 17, Add on the Digithratre processing algorithms, and the center track was extracted from the mix for everyone to enjoy. The results were impressive.


digitheatre dts and gaming question.

Not sure how far into this year it will be and if it will really deliver on the real time Dolby Digital encoding feature so I would not get a system on this announced feature but maybe by this time next year there will be a way to use the DigiTheatre DTS for multichannel gaming. And it will likely annoy your neighbors as much as any large and over expensive home theater system. Center channel speaker, Center channel speaker.

It has the ability to pump out audio of such high quality and clarity that it could match your Hifi and win. The system is sleek enough to be a proud, permanent core to your entertainment center and yet would be a snap to take along to a new place if you ever have to move.

In this article we will talk about two sets of such acoustics from VideoLogic. The drs on most dhs cards is via a minijack in order to save space; the center pin of the jack referenced to shield will provide the digital signal.

Joshua Ars Centurion Registered: Are you trying to say that DTS is the next generation and that much better? Satellite speaker, Satellite speaker. Serial cable, Audio digital cable, Audio cable.

Or were you just recycling digitheare marketing material? As for movies in DTS, you can look though a list on the official site of the developers of this standard www. Any review that says you can get 5. For some melodies it wasn’t important but others got poor. Line in stereo audio jacks for analog.

Videologic Digitheatre DTS

I just bought the Sirocco Crossfire system, I went for them instead of the Digitheatre for exactly that reason. Log in Don’t have an account? Let’s dlgitheatre it with something more familiar. Not a bad film. Note that Dolby Digital decoder is implemented separately from amplifier cascades which are in the subwoofer and has the following inputs: Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic.


Target PC :: Videologic’s DigiTheatre DTS

The system is completely self-contained, with all of the wiring and ds to get going with almost no effort. The system has digital coaxial and optical inputs for digital sound, and regular RCA line in stereo audio jacks for analog. Next is the test button, this passes a hissing sound to each channel in order to verify if all the speakers were successfully connected. It feeds from two AAA batteries. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion.

Each step of digitueatre technology both keeps up with and greatly enhances each step in visual technology. High frequency drive Audax 10mm polymer dome. Subwoofer – Back View. Help me out here I need advice not flames. Even the cables are very decent: In order to obtain the most realistic results, each speaker has to be operating at the same volume level.

Speakers digitheatde Steve Guttenberg Nov 10, The final connection is power. Clearer sound, better build quality, same incredible value Clearer sound, better build quality, same incredible value by Ty Pendlebury. Let’s consider it a bit deeper.

General Speaker System Type.

Speakers by Steve Guttenberg Dec 8, How in such a detailed game can there be so much more by just adding Dolby Digital.

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