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Differences between LSMW and BDC. Batch Data Communication (BDC) is the oldest batch interfacing technique that SAP provided since the early versions of. Difference Between LSMW and BDC – Download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File . pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. BDC means Batch Data Communication and is used to upload mass data at a given time. 2 What is the difference between LSMW and BDC.

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Uploading can be done for specific set of records. To listout some of the differences:.

Differences between LSMW and BDC

Does require programming knowledge. Are logs maintained in BDC. Graphic Design by Round the Bend Wizards.

SAP Scripts require a driver program to display the output whereas in smartforms the form routines can be written so that it is standalone. Session methods can be both Synchronous and Asynchronous but call transaction is always synchronous.

It is basically a bbdc either generated by SAP after a recording or programmed by a abaper. Legacy System Migration Workbench.

Does psmw require programming knowledge. Every effort is made to ensure content integrity. We can group similar recordings forming Projects and Sub-Projects.


LSMW is a tool. Use information on this site at your own risk. The Upload functionality if used for. How can we see error messages during call transaction. Whereas in Batch Input Sessions, the ABAP program creates a session with all the transactional data, and this session can be viewed, scheduled and processed using Transaction SM35 at a later time.

– Tips – Differences between LSMW and BDC

The latter technique has a built-in error processing mechanism too. After the Legacy data creation convert the data in to the aand file”. Reduced Data entry errors Reduced pro….

While bdc basically uses recording. How do we handle currency or quantity field in BDC. In BDCu can even schedule the jobso upload can be done in once or later periodically while in LSMW it has to be done in once only. We can implement the this method in two ways that are Call Transaction method and Session method.

It is a little complex when lsjw screens contain table controls. Join the Mailing List. Multiple page formats is …. Documentation can be provided at every stage. Qnd objects These objects are used to synchronize access to the same data by more than one user. Anf can be done bdv ways for migrating data: What is the difference between a call transaction and session method. It will takes u 2 the LSMW steps screen and first step radio button already selected.


In BDCwe can schedule the job, so the uploading can be done at the same time or later periodically while in LSMW it has to be done at once only. We should make sure that all the mandatory fields are included in the recording, else BDC will fail. But the only difference is, instead of processing screens they validate fields and directly load the data into tables using standard function modules. How do we make a recording.

What are the modes of executing a BDC. What should be internal table type used for uploading data to BDC. We cannot group logically related BDC 4. Is BDC synchronous or asynchronous. BDC it is also used to upload the data from flat file to databese.

Both are used to upload data from legacy system. To spell out the differences in detail: