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The major motion picture, The Possession, is loosely based on the events Jason Haxton tells about in this book. The Dibbuk Box and Haxton’s experience with it. Haxton is the writer of the book, The Dibbuk Box, about his experience with this mysterious wine cabinet. Eventually, Zak Bagans purchased. Is the Dibbuk Box possessed with an evil spirit? Its story goes back to Nazi Germany when two girls sealed the Dibbuk in the wine cabinet.

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They’re rejected from Gehanna, a destination for the wicked, and are pursued by angels for punishment. He decided to try to do his best to sell it to someone who was knowledgable on the occult.

He asked her why she was so upset, and she said that it was probable that the spirit they had summoned had been the cause of World War II. Bagans has the box as part of his collection of paranormal objects in his haunted museum in Las Vegas. The largest item within the wooden container and what caused the box to weigh so much was a sculpture of four different colors of granite stones, assembled in an odd design that seemed to defy gravity.

Haunted Dibbuk Box Interview

Then it was fun to catch up on what had happened since then. Dibbuo owners are scammers He gave it to his brother and his brother’s wife, who kept it for three days and returned it. I’m a skeptic but I also love folklore. Sep 08, Kaya Lia rated it it was amazing.

The Dibbuk Box – Jason Haxton – Google Books

It is then that I realize that there is something different, something evil looking back at me. But the Golem was created as an original spirit, it wasn’t the spirit of someone who was deceased, and it was summoned as a protector.


Emily rated it really liked it Aug 12, Aug 02, Abigail rated it really liked it. Mannis took it back, then his girlfriend asked him to sell it. Lights will turn on and off by themselves. I went to check in on him as I could hear him talking to someone. February 25, at I need help and answers.

The Dibbuk Box

Before reading any further throughout this article, please read the above information regarding the original story. However, what surprised me about it was how detailed Mr. He noticed several small details that could prove the history of it to be false.

All the events that I am about to set forth in this listing are accurate and may be verified by the winning bidder with the copies of hospital records and sworn affidavits that I am including as part of the sale of the cabinet. I knew that it was something that was evil, because I had felt it.

Mannis also began seeing shadow creatures in the home, as did visitors. The hair I imagine could have been used for some type of binding ritual, and much like quartz, I believe the granite statue may have been used for energy containment, but as an alternative, it dibbuo have just been a blessed object placed in the box to help neutralize the negativity of the entity.

The implication is that the possessed left themselves open for possession. Even though they now understood the history of the wine cabinet, Jason Haxton grew curious as to what was influencing the strange events associated with the dibbuk box in the state of Missouri. About a month ago, however, my sister, and my brother and his wife came over to my house for dinner and decided to spend the night as it was very late and no one wanted to drive back home.

I personally believe the first option from above, and do genuinely think this box should be encased in iron, engraved with specific prayers in multiple religions, undergo being the focus of a ritual or two, and then weighted down and thrown into a deep part of the ocean. In this true account, a dark story comes to light—a story that began at the time of the Holocaust and seems to have come full circle.

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The Dibbuk Box by Jason Haxton

Aug 31, Nealandchristy Dalton rated it it was ok. When she was found, her exact wording to him: If you ever feel the want or the need to write, or hell, even just help me research, my bpx is always open and there will be a spot for you if you want it. All-around, these things are pretty bad.

He won’t give Mr. If this box decays, the spirits within are released. If the box no longer exists, or has been destroyed, this spirit would then be free to roam and raise hell for anyone that it would come into contact with. View all 14 comments. Haxton, I have a feeling that my interest of dibnuk box is not over, and I will be keeping my eye on it as best as I can from afar.

No doubt it took great skill and time to do this kind of work without bkx the stone. May 2, at 2: This story should serve to warn the causal purchaser of antiques and previously owned items.

September 2, at I’m bok a skeptic by most means, I believe in the spiritual, but this seems a bit too out there that it needs more proof than just stories. This book actually tells two different stories and leaves the final conclusion up to the reader.

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