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Runewords are a way in Diablo II to use a combination of runes in an item to give it exceptional attributes, beyond what the runes themselves accomplish. The following is a list of Weapon Rune Words in Diablo II: Lord of Destruction. Rune Words divide weapons into categories that may not be. Rune words were introduced in the expansion, Lord of Destruction, and can not be created in classic Diablo II. In addition, some rune words.

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Navigation menu Namespaces Page Discussion. Rune Words only work in non-magical items. People especially have problems with Maces. The player cannot have an [Ancient’s Pledge Bardiche even if they have diaboo 3 runes and a 3-socketed Bardiche, since Ancient’s Pledge is a shield-only Rune Word.

This does not include any other types of Maces. These Uniques can only be found by B. Tal Inserted in the correct order and in the proper item will grant the shield the following bonuses: Smoke 2 Socket Body Armor. The runes will only confer their regular bonuses, and not the Rune Word bonuses.

Rune words were introduced in the expansion, Lord of Destructionand can not be created in classic Diablo II. What rune words can I reasonably find runes for and create while I’m still in Normal? Life drain is the opposite of life regeneration, with this you will lose 1 hp about every 2 seconds.


List of Helm Rune Words

The bonuses that each individual rune confers will still runeworcs applied to the item, but the added rune word bonuses will not. Rune Words keep the original properties of the socketed item.

They also fail dablo work when the item they are socketed to is not valid. All Unique Boots Normal: I started a new ladder character and am beginning to find random runes in Act II Normal.

Runewords – Diablo Wiki

All Unique Scepters Normal: Infinity 4 Socket Polearms. Bonuses will stack on top of a Paladin’s inherent shield properties. In addition, some rune words were added to the game after the expansion in either Patch 1.

There are 78 runewords in total. Sign In Don’t have an diabol Rune Words are a type of item created when specific combinations of runes are inserted into socketed items. Although some were available with the Lord of Destruction expansion pack, many others were added in future patches. The player must use a shield for this rune word.

Runeword in mind when experimenting with unknown Rune Words that you must be prepared to accept the loss of your Runes if the formula does not work. Not a lot of bonuses, but a very large one to magic find and gold.

Not all Mace-class weapons can be used. You could, for example, use an Elite Socketed sword or an Exceptional Socketed sword, and you can also pick which type of runesords is used. White 2 Socket Wands.


Armor Rune Words (Diablo II)

All Unique Bows Normal: The Runes socketed diabli also be arranged in the correct order. Rune Words will only work in Socketed non-magical items.

Rune Words do not work if the required number of sockets is not equal to the number present on the item. What rune words can I build at lower levels? Ladder rune words only work on ladder characters on B.

Weapon Rune Words (Diablo II) – Diablo Wiki

All Unique Shields Normal: If these conditions are not met, the rune word will not be created and the player has potentially wasted the runes in question on a useless item. Rune Words don’t work on magical, rare, set and unique items, only on normal socketed items. Post as a guest Name.

See also Official list Rune Words v t e. Duress ShaelUmThul is another good choice for merc armor that’s fairly easy to get. Players must also have the right patch for Rune Words to work. Make sure you use the correct one.

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