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Regina Winarski is the author of Beautiful Darkness ( avg rating, ratings, reviews, published ). Depois do ano passado, eu achava que nada poderia ficar pior. Uma descoberta terrível, uma morte trágica Mas pelo menos eu tinha Lena. Ela era a última. 26 ago. Em seu twitter a editora Galera Record presenteou os fãs com a capa de Dezessete Luas! Dezessete Luas é segundo volume da série.

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But regardless of the veiled similarities to other paranormal books, this book starts out very slow again while that is forgivable to set the scene in a first book, it is just boring in a second book and I don’t really like the characters except Link and Lucille the cat. Zero chance of survival? There was no tension, no atmosphere, no foreboding sense of something suspicious in the foreground and the book seriously suffers for it. Anyone seen the Music Man?

It seems like the first half of this book is dedicated to the main character whining about his high-maintenance emo girlfriend. Castors and humans can’t have sex thus fueling a whole subplot and racketing up unnecessary tension on the whole will-they-won’t-they And after all of this, this journey to save her, her involvement with someone else which is overlookedthe pain she has caused Ethan, in the end, she chooses NOT to choose.


Why cant she understand that she made a stupid choice and now in lieu of punishing herself she’s punishing other people instead?

I loved her, atom by atom, one burning cell at a time.

What is so hard about it? What if Liv had been a guy named Leo and we were spared all of this nonsense? Liv and Ethan 5ever. Then Lena giving up that she was destined to be dark, was just gutless.

Dezessete Luas

No frakking way The first one was meh and this was: I admit I am a little bitter. I still love Link and I love Ridley even though I hate her.

This is what I was fantasizing about Ethan doing to Lena or me doing to Lena or, in the last pages, me doing to Ethan, for deessete pages of the book. Love can make you stupid sometimes you know. I started skimming after a while. Yet against all odds the two become a couple and after much drama and a battle, they are happily together. I just couldn’t bring myself to finish it.

Stupidity should not drive the plot. I’m done with this series and don’t care how it ends.

Capa e Sinopse de Dezessete Luas!

The double love triangle is awful. And the poor plot planning was kind of a let down. I will never forget when he had the biggest pig in the dissection lab and hauled out the garden sheers when the tiny scissors didn’t cut it. Ethan and Lena are both terribly whiny and annoying in luaas book. And this whole quarrel is just a family argument.


I mean, there’s plenty of action, new interesting facts we learn and new cool enemies our h 2. Also, appearing in book two, is the required stand-in possible love interest that as a reader you can never quite believe in because if the mortal and the super-being are fated, star-crossed lovers, then adding in another one makes absolutely no sense and only diminishes the power of their love story. This book is not yet featured on Listopia.

I thought this series would be too good for stuff like that.

Regina Winarski ( of Dezessete Luas)

Dezessete Luas Beautiful Creatures, 2 3. Overall, I hated the love-triangles. It was a boring to watch them go through the whole mistrust-to-trust thing a second time around. Ancient magic dszessete to repel anyone Big Puddle of Meh Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed parts of this one.

Posted October 8, at 7: Lists with This Book. She lives in Maryland with her husband, son, daughter, and their dogs Spike and Oz named after characters from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It was also so convenient that everyone in Ethan’s life showed up randomly where he was when he needed them most and helped him in some way.