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Example 6 1 Rectangular Water Tank Design – Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. leakage. This project gives in brief, the theory behind the design of liquid retaining structure (Elevated circular water tank with domed roof and conical base). and further guidance on seismic design methods for storage tanks larger tanks, and as such the seismic design for these larger storage tanks.

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Circular tanks are sometimes provided with inclined columns.

In normal circumstances the screed layer shall be of grade not weaker than Mwhere injurious soils or aggressive water are expected, the screed layer shall be of grade not weaker than M and if necessary a sulphate resisting or other special cement should be used. The walls thus act as thin plates subjected triangular loading and with boundary conditions varying between full restraint and free edge. For findin bending moment coefficients it will be considered continuous on all four edges.

In smaller tanks main reinforcement is placed near the outer face. Concrete mix weaker than M is not used. The base slab of circular tanks is designed as circular slab supported on masonry or circular beam at the end. Whenever there is possibility of water table to rise, soil becomes saturated and earth pressure exerted by saturated soil should be taken into consideration.

In case length of structure is large it should be subdivided into suitable lengths separated by movement joints, specially where sections are changed the movement joints should be provided. Log In Sign Up. For the bottom portion BD reinforcement for hoop tension is provided in addition to steel required for bending. Where structures have to store hot liquids, stresses caused by difference in temperature between inside and outside of the reservoir should be taken into account.


The walls are designed for these moments. As the beam is built monolithic with columns, partial fixity is assumed at the ends. Direct tension in long walls. Hence values of Pc and Pr can be found at different heights. The dome shall be supported at its bottom on the ring beam which shall be designed for resultant circumferential tension in addition to vertical loads.

The maximum length desirable between vertical movement joints will depend upon the tensile strength of the walls, and may be increased by suitable reinforcement. In concrete sections of thickness mm or greater, two layers of reinforcement steel shall be placed one near each face of the section to make up the minimum reinforcement.

Every third bar will be stopped at 1 m. The ring beam will be subjected to hoop tension.

Overhead RCC Water Tanks Construction

Find more suppliers in Indore Construction Service in Indore. For small capacities circular tanks prove uneconomical as the formwork for circular tanks is very costly. In case the length of tank is more than twice the breadth of the tank, the slab is designed oneway spanning along the shorter span.

In addition to bending, walls are subjected to direct tension caused by the hydrostatic pressure on the walls. The joint is shown in Fig.

The staging is also designed for wind forces. The walls are subjected tanj water pressure. In such cases the dome shall be designed for the vertical loads of the liquid over it and the ratio of its rise to its diameter tanj be so adjusted that the stresses in the dome are, as far as possible, wholly compressive.


The beam is designed as T-beam. There will be downward force of kg. The tanks like purification tanks, Imhoff tanks, septic tanks, and gas holders are built underground. R.c.c.overhsad coefficient of friction as 0. Circular Tanks Fixed at Base and Free at top.

Overhead Tanks These tanks may be rectangular or circular. While designing the walls of rectangular or polygonal concrete tanks, the following points should be borne in mind.

Floors i Provision of movement joints. Call Send a quick message. Distribution steel will take direct tension.

Roofs i Provision of Movement Joints. At depth of 1 m. For sections of thickness greater than mm, and less than mm the minimum reinforcement wate each of the two directions shall be linearly reduced from 0. This will automatically take care of failure due to cracking.

The tanks may be covered on top. This can be provided by founding the structure on a flat layer of concrete with interposition of some material to break the bond tahk facilitate movement.

water tank design example | Ravindra Ranatunga Ranatunga –

The staging has to carry load of water and tank. The base is subjected to weight of water and soil pressure. The exact analysis is rather difficult and such tanks are designed by approximate methods. A typical expansion joint is shown in Fig. In members less than mm.

Hence values of Pc and Pr can be found. Let Ath be the reinforcement required at depth h. All joints should be made water-tight as these are potential sources of leakage.