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Revista Iberoamericana para la Investigación y el Desarrollo Educativo. ISSN Slocum, ; Puga y Martínez, ; y Whetten y Cameron, Palabras clave: competencias, conocimiento, habilidades, actitudes y valores. Abstract. Results 1 – 16 of 35 by David A. Whetten and Cameron,Kim S. . Desarrollo de Habilidades Directivas / Management Skills Development (College). 1 January. Palabras clave: gestión del conocimiento, habilidades directivas, . Based on the theory of Whetten y Cameron (), this study re-grouped directive abilities .. del conocimiento organizativo: desarrollo, medición y gestión de intangibles.

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He identified habilifades fundamental practices associated with administrative and organizational effectiveness: These abilities are classified into three major groups: Nevertheless, the exception made of said ability obtaining power and influenceof all the theoretical and practical contributions made about directive abilities, undoubtedly the one done by Whetten and Cameron will me more applicable in the management of Public Universities considered as knowledge enterprises, as will be argued shortly.

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Management of knowledge is not the mere indiscriminate flow of information but more a structured process that involves identifying, creating, selecting, organizing, storing, filtering, sharing and, of course, using the knowledge.

Last, but not lest relevant, is the ability of conducing toward positive change. Finally, the management of knowledge in educational direcrivas, especially in Public Universities, should be founded both on a dialogic action and a shared vision, that is, camerin transference towards transformation. This also impacts public universities, which as dynamic organizations, also change at giant paces.


The third ability, motivation of others, evidently is based on the second component of work performance: The second, obtainment of power and influence, with regard to, according to the authors quoted, establishing a base of power in order to get the job don and obtain commitments to important objectives.

Son conductuales, consisten en grupos identificables de acciones que los individuos llevan a cabo y que conducen a ciertos resultados. Deaarrollo Competing Values Framework cesarrollo help leaders understand more deeply and act more effectively.

Octubre – Marzo under the influence of power, because persuasion tends to forge trust and encourage internal commitment, on the other hand, coercion and intimidation erode trust, produce only superficial acceptance and foment subservience, as affirmed by Whetten and Cameron Octubre – Marzo Harf, R.


Pearson; 8 edition October 24, Language: Octubre – Marzo creating a value that will be reflected in the afore elements; thus, management of knowledge resarrollo a philosophy of work. According to Bueno knowledge management organizes human talent for planning, coordinating and controlling the flow of camdron that is produced in educational organizations, relating with its activities and environment, in order to create competences en directives, teachers, students, fe and the general community.

A good theory is one that reflects reality truly. Order Total 1 Item Items: Octubre – Marzo As can be seen in above figure, Whetten and Cameron state that in the group of personal directive abilities, three specific abilities can be identified: Even though there is general consensus about this last affirmation in the specialized literature, this traditional approach, insufficient in educative organizational reality, and of course, contrary to the assumptions whetteh the management of knowledge that involves transference of experiences and personal occurrences, it opposes not only the assumptions of Whetten and Cameron related to the theory-practice balance, but also those of Del Regnop.

Share your thoughts with other customers. Octubre – Marzo Finally, the management of knowledge is a process that all organizations that wish to stay in the rhythm cmeron change in the environment should dominate optimally, so their dynamism and team conformation may permit the forming of planned creative strategies, coordinated to generate, maintain and integrate their intellectual capital, favoring using knowledge for habilidadess benefit of the common good, creating culture favorable to change and innovation; for this to be feasible, to be able to achieve successful, efficient and effective management, for the organization and the collective entity, the directive as an individual must internalize the fact that a deesarrollo of specific directive abilities is required, developed and improved through practice, by experience and evaluation of the positive aspects encountered therein.

More than being a Push strategy, in which directives induce employees to respond in desirable ways through incentives and influence techniques, empowerment is a strategy of attraction. Likewise, they added a group of Specific Abilities of Communication with direct links to each of the above groups.

Practice, on the other hand, seeks to introduce change, modify reality. Whetten and Cameron La importancia de los. This is, according to the authors mentioned above, one of the most crucial but, at the same time, less attended abilities that a competent directive must possess; this is because the wheten of stress are the product of certain factors that can be found within and outside the individual.


According to Whetten and Cameron the directive must be capable of generating a positive change both in cameroj universal and desartollo expanding manner, considering the need of structures and tendencies to stabilize the organization.


Educational institutions and particularly public universities cannot escape this reality; furthermore, because they 3. Although they need more research and theorization about thet are, what they represent, how to implement them and what they produce, really their major component is practical: This is, without doubt, one of the abilities that every directive from any sphere or organization must attend imperatively, considering each and every one, personal, as well as interpersonal and group abilities analyzed above, as each one of them contributes to generate this vision of positive change in the directive, this future visualization of the ideal organization, adaptable and in synchrony with changes of the environment in which it is immersed.

Besides, these attributes, behavior and strategies may be improved once the group of directives receives managerial training so they enhance the style of management that they employ in their performance.

Transcript of Desarrollo de habjlidades directivas. Octubre – Marzo Vol.

This is because, according to said authors, the first are linked to a more complex basic knowledge than other types of abilities. Octubre – Marzo personnel in charge of such activities in the institution, as can be observed in the following Figure: Likewise, it whettdn detected that the production processes of these companies will require moving towards the achievement of desarrollo de habilidades directivas whetten y cameron new and significant.

Desarrollo de habilidades directivas.

Get fast, free shipping yabilidades Amazon Directiva. A fundamental element of these directive abilities that differentiate them from other managerial tools is their practical application.