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Tieck’s “Der blonde Eckbert”: A Psychological Reading consciousness split into two personalities” (p. ) and their story as a more or less involuntary. Volume XXXIV MARCH, Number 2. “DER BLONDE ECKBERT” AS A POETIC CONFESSION1. RAYMOND IMMERWAHR. The reduction of Tieck’s status in. Blond Eckbert is an opera by Scottish composer Judith Weir. The composer wrote the English-language libretto herself, basing it on the cryptic supernatural short story Der blonde Eckbert by the German Romantic writer Ludwig Tieck.

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I really did shudder with unspeakable dread at that moment because and only because I was really being introduced to my own memories by a total stranger.

The Importance of Ambiguity in Tieck’s “Der blonde Eckbert”

Approaching insanity, Eckbert reels when the vengeful old woman reveals to him that Bertha was, in fact, his own sister. I liked it was very entertaining! In Tieck’s hands, however, the combination of these two fairly straightforward forms takes on a life of its own, confronting the reader with an astounding depth and intricacy: Before me was a steep rock; I clomb up, in the hope of discovering some outlet from the waste, perhaps of seeing houses or men. It struck him that Walther had not taken leave of him as warmly as someone who had just been vouchsafed such a secret naturally would have done.

All night he plagued himself with such uneasy thoughts, and got very little sleep.

Der Blonde Eckbert

He decided to embark on a journey in the hope of recomposing his disordered imagination; by now he had permanently renounced every thought of friendship and all desire for the company of other people. What sayest thou, Eckbert? Still, I took one of the urns filled with precious stones and stuffed it into my pocket; the rest I left on the table. And finally, does the outcome of the story lead us to believe that Eckbert had made a choice of free will, or is eckberrt simply the fulfillment of his fate?

No one wandered thither; no wild-beast came near our dwelling: Looking at her so, many qualms and fears came over me; for her face was in perpetual motion; and, besides, her head shook from old age, so that, for my life, I could not understand what sort of countenance she had.


I was thus sitting close fronting her, with the light between us. The dog loved me immensely and did everything I wished him to do, the bird replied to all my questions by singing its song, my little spinning wheel kept merrily spinning and spinning, and so I basically never felt the slightest whisper of a desire for anything to change. She had been given a life with the old woman and her time of trials was almost over when she stole the bird and gems.

But this urge was invariably checked by certain scruples and a fear of being reviled and execrated. On these occasions Eckbert was always cheerful and lively; but when he was alone, you might observe in him a certain mild reserve, a still, retiring melancholy.

Der blonde Eckbert

In the end I grew to like her heartily; as our mind, especially in childhood, will become accustomed and attached to anything. Eckbert was never happy longer than a few transitory moments: Much had changed; several new houses had sprung up, while others bloonde had only just been built when I left were now badly dilapidated; I even noticed a few fire-gutted ruins; everything was much smaller, much more crowded together, than I had expected.

It is in such moments that tender souls unveil themselves, and stand face to face; and at times it will happen, that the one recoils affrighted from the countenance of the other.

I went near, and at the border of the wood I saw an old woman sitting resting on the ground. Walther likewise went to sleep; Eckbert alone still walked in a restless humour up and down the room. Eckbert gazed at his suffering spouse with profound sympathy; he held his tongue while he pondered what to say, then he uttered a few words of consolation and left the room.

At the same time I was tormented by agonizing hunger pangs; I sat down on the bare ground and resolved to die. You are both smiling!

Wright sees a eckberf strategy in the understatement of much of the music: Quinn Olsen rated it it was amazing Feb 12, When my dame returned from her long wanderings, she would praise my diligence; she said her house, since I belonged to it, was managed far more perfectly; she took a pleasure in my growth and healthy looks; in short, she treated me in all points like her eckgert. For a long while I had been acquainted with a young knight, whom I altogether liked: To ask other readers questions about Der Blonde Eckbertplease sign up.


The two were now frequently together; Hugo showed his friend all possible attentions; one scarcely ever went to ride without the other; in all companies they got together. One morning she summoned her husband to her bedside; the maidservants were obliged to withdraw. As human nature is forgetful, I imagined that my former journey, in my childhood, drr not been so sad and woful as the present; I wished to be as I was then.

Moreover, I thought that out there I might possibly encounter the supremely handsome knight who continued perpetually to haunt my daydreams. I was utterly comfortless; I wept and screamed; and my voice came echoing back from the rocky valleys with a sound that terrified me. Eckbert seeks to end his “entsetzliche Einsamkeit” but finds only dementia; in so doing, he destroys his previous lifestyle but is incapable of creating a new one.

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I blushed exceedingly on entering the inn; they showed me to deg room and bed; I slept pretty quietly, only that I dreamed of eckberh old woman, and her threatening me. It was a raw and blustery winter day; thick snow blanketed the mountain-tops and weighed down the branches of the trees.

O, I do love to stay Alone in wood so gay. On arriving, he found Bertha dead: Tieck may have been borrowing a lot here, but he rendered a great, magical tale that includes a stunning twist and is, ultimately, about revenge. He roved about; the sweat was standing on his brow; he found no game, and this embittered his ill-humour. See how injustice punishes itself!