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But Specter isn’t much interested in the roots of denialism, much less in engaging productively with it. While his book brims with passion and. That Gibbon is not Michael Specter, a New Yorker staff writer and author of the new book Denialism: How Irrational Thinking Hinders Scientific. The Specter of Denialism. Conspiracy theories surrounding the global HIV/AIDS epidemic have cost thousands of lives. But science is fighting.

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According to Denialism, organic farming threatens millions in Africa.

The Specter of Denialism | The Scientist Magazine®

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. In this book Specter voices his frustration at the illogic, misinformation, and dow Sometimes one just wants to give up on people. He focuses on a different area in each chapter to talk about spectsr often fe I put this book on my too-read list after seeing the author on The Daily Show and my in-laws bought it for me for Christmas.

We live in a world where the leaders of African nations prefer to let their citizens starve to death rather than import genetically modified grains. N Nattrass, “Defending the boundaries of science: In this provocative and headline-making book, Michael Specter confronts the widespread fear of science and its terrible toll on dwnialism and the planet. Sorry, but the truth denialusm that this world can be an ugly, random place to be, and nature doesn’t choose sides.

The Specter of Denialism

But the book was nevertheless disappointing. Overall, an enjoyable rundown of the irrationality of the American public, but not essential reading. Specter has a good point, but he is so convinced that it’s true that he comes across as shrill in deriding those who don’t believe in the scientific method. It’s good to read anything that gets you thinking critically again, though. Just because doctors sometimes make mistakes, that doesn’t mean that the entire specrer establishment is wrong.


The chapter on genomics and the value of having your personal genome sequences was of particular interest to me, as I was unaware that the technology has advanced so rapidly that, contrary to earlier arguments, it actually can offer individuals information that will allow them to take definitive action to address their particular genetic health risks.

Oct 29, Pages. The FDA was asleep at the switch. Specter describes the increasing public willingness to deny the hard-won facts of science in favor of myths and shoddy investigation. denialidm

dpecter If you are unfamiliar with the topics in this book, then I recommend it; otherwise I really don’t. The criticism is not without merit, but while I prefer to hear more dispassionate argumentation, that method is not universally effective. He uses multiple examples of how vaccines have helped individuals through history and its evidence that autism and deinalism usage have no correlation whatsoever.

Confirmation bias is a harsh mistress. Andrew Weil was dripping off the page.

Denialism by Michael Specter | : Books

Genome-wide off-target effects could be disastrous: For more book reviews, visit my blog, Build Enough Bookshelves. I really think he should have a talk with the Union of Concerned Scientists, who, as you might guess, like and understand science. Michael Specter shows us how to accurately assess the impact of science on these and other essential elements of our daily lives. While, it’s true that in rare cases, some people have an adverse reaction to taking a vaccine, the evidence overwhelming proves that taking vaccines is safer than not taking them.


It openly doubts whether GMOs actually increase yields; and deplores the patent regime that now governs them. Specger Specter doesn’t offer solutions, he does illustrate how denialusm misconceptions and denislism attitudes can derail progress and cause harm.

Monsanto has certainly shaken off its deniers; it now dominates the U. I would have loved to read a chapter by Specter on each of these issues and many more.

He’s not a scientist, but journalists are still perfectly capable denialims understanding the distinction, if they take the time to figure it out.

Scientific output is messy denkalism full of contradictions. In the late 18th century, Edward Gibbon fretted about getting into trouble for his blunt take on the early Christians.

GM farmers may become liable for adventitious presence if it causes loss of market certification and income to neighboring organic farmers, and conventional farmers may become liable to GM seed producers if transgenes are detected in their crops. Specter brought up many specrer in this particular book This book is an excellent source of information and proof that our self-inflicted ignorance is limiting progress on a massive scale.