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Weight. kg (= oz / pounds) (= 0 oz / 0 pounds). Price The Dell Latitude D is a small and compact notebook. Dell Latitude D specifications: Laptop, Intel Core Duo U, 1 GB, 12 inch, x, 60 GB. Dell’s smallest business notebook, the Latitude D manages to combine decent specifications with a convenient form factor, even if it’s not all.

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In practice, the D has far more in common with the X1 than its direct predecessor, the D For such a small system, our Latitude D review unit offered a decent set of dlel, including a 1. Possibly 3 years see site for details Drivers: However, you might need some time to get used to the touch pad and the track point. Not only the haptics of the magnesium case is wonderful, also its flexural rigidity and pressure resistance are excellent.

Still, we want to mention, that maximum performance was not the primary aim of the D and daily applications without high demands on calculation power should also not cause any problems.

Notebook Specs and Review: Dell Latitude D Laptop Reivew

Networking options include modem, Ethernet, Design and form factor. In terms of viewing angles they are speecs reasonable, although vertical angles are noticeably more finicky and sometimes subject to the dreaded color inversion problem. Loudness The emitted noises of the Dell Latitude Spcs are pleasingly within reasonable ranges.


Nevertheless, for those who value weight and battery life more on this later over performance, the compromise may still be acceptable. What makes this solution so interesting is that it can be used even when the notebook is powered off, making searching for networks that much easier when roaming about. Once again though, the fact that the fan rarely runs means that this issue is not as problematic as it could be.

For me the back right side got hot to the point of being uncomfortable in the lap. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it.

Dell Latitude D420 Released (pics, specs)

Please review our terms of service to complete your newsletter subscription. The ports of the D are typical Dell Visit our network of sites: We show the least amount of ads whenever possible.

The whole width of the notebook is used and therefore most of the keys are full-sized.

We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. This touch pad can be set up for vertical or horizontal scrolling which is great for navigating through documents or Web pages.

Music sounds tinny and low. Fitting the laptop in laptop cases and shoulder bags is really easy.

Dell Latitude D with Samsung screen view large image. Keyboard and touchpad view view large image.

Latitude D lid view view large image. In turn to the rather decent fan, the notebook gets clearly warmer. The Dell Latitude D is designed to deliver excellent computing performance in an extremely small and light notebook.


Alike is the reaction of the track pointwhose plastic cap is not really ergonomically formedand provides hardly any feedback to the finger. Furthermore, the reviewed notebook was equipped with MB main memory. The brightness on the Samsung screen is fantastic though, from reports in the NotebookReview. The single keys can be comfortably d240 hit and the noise emissions are also alright.

The system weighs 1. On a final note, Dell must be commended for including a minimal amount of bundled software with the D Nevertheless, a headphone jack is provided, and when hooked up to either headphones or speakers, the sound reproduction was better than expected, with little-to-no hissing and rich sound that was far superior to that provided by my DV d42 playing back music.

Although it may sound repetitive, the decision to not include a built-in optical drive is an unfortunate but necessary sacrifice for maintaining optimum portability and weight although it must be noted that some notebook manufacturers have managed to overcome this problem in the past.

The D comes standard with a However, to me this is not the most important aspect of an ultraportable.