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Resolution N. of April 1, , and Resolution N. of May See Consob Resolution (“Delibera”) N. /; at least each 6. National transposition measures communicated by the Member States concerning: Commission Directive /14/EC of 8 March laying down detailed. more apparent than in the cabinet’s delibera- tions about Europe’s plans for The announcement of the discount came after Consob, the Italian stock B TMttp +10 45 T9 aSb m 0» M **»• i!2 aS^ISSK M *SK £!.

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Applications for course starting Delibear accepted up to The country needs to decide whether it wants the arts, and with that must come an understanding of toe finan- cial realities.

We have to do more to develop them.

UK Blair makes welfare reform top priority By Robert Poston, PoflScal Edttor Mr Tony Blair, the prime minister, will tomorrow identify root-and-branch reform of the welfare state as the big project for his gov- ernment, in a speech reject- ing Labour’s traditional approach to the social secu- rity safety net “The modem welfare state has to encourage work, not dependency,” Mr Blair will say in his first address to Labour’s annual conference since the party’s landslide general election victory.

The party had earlier said delibear sur- charge would be scrapped and replaced with a 10 per cent charge on single people earning over DM60, annually. The explanation is that 16805 sec- tors experiencing the greatest shortages of labour have been the non-unionised ones – services and high-technology manufactur- ing – and those shortages seem likely to get worse.

The dispute over the appointment of R. The result achieved by investors in was Labour backs winning day out Cabinet ministers relax at weekend horse-race meeting A day at Brighton’s race track could soon become a new Labour institution. The result is a cul- ture which encourages fewer performances and fewer new productions of fewer operas.


September 25contains an error that appeaxsto show that Japan remains inscrutable to your reviewer. To these ends it needs to say, and do, three things.

EUR-Lex – L – EN – EUR-Lex

Oe 20 M ay For those unable to stump up its estimated price of up to L40m, there are more modest lots made up of glass from the Fereusd-controlled Venini 1685 tory, which could sell for as little as L Germany also prevailed in its view that the economic qualifying criteria of the Maastricht Treaty should be read literally.

They can use satellite navigation once they reach cruising altitude.

Global One, Telekom Malaysia contact: The Congress culminated in an address by Lady Thatcher. It will be some delibeea before his- torians will be able to judge whether the strike really was a watershed. Footman will retain responsibility for press and information work. Cash end derivative markets- dealing, risk, limits and triBoagemax adrak GBP Modernists were pre- pared to accept anything, from a glass, petrol station-style roof suspended over the whole build- ing to a simple flat roof.

His district once included a part of the Delta, but reapportionment moved this mainly black area into another constituency.

As for sugar, the company has more than years of experience. Mr Duisenberg speaks French, but it may be the feet he does not speak French all the time that counts against Mm hi the summer of The rise of the primary food industries – pigmeat, dairy products and fish – has been accompanied, too, by the devel- opment of companies in associ- ated industries, many of them world leaders. HBR seems surprisingly short on solid plans for its own expansion.


Parliament immediately retreated behind closed doors to work oat deals that will determine the Cate of Chavalit Yongchaiyudh, the prime min- ister. So, then, who could be a late- emerging compromise candi- date?

With direct aid, the current Sep 28 to Oct 5.

internet-it – Use of corpora in translation studies

Between and There’sno indication afwhetherit’spriBted on recycled paper. Second, the government should spell out what needs to be done to bring about real con- vergence between the UK and continental European econo- mies. A decision by the contes- tants to continue the challenge in the European Court of First Instance would be an unusual step. And only Dow Jones will package it with a full complement of real-time data. The town was neat and the buildings, even the great basilica, looked from the outside much as they have done for centuries.

By spraying with Pronatur and water and then adding bacteria to dissolve the waste hydrocarbons, the figure dropped to 4.

The superficial impression was misleading. Woman and Female front. Long seen as confronta- tional villains in the story of the decline of US industry, polls sug- gest they are now increasingly looked to as the working man and woman’s bulwark against rapacious managers, downsizing and restructuring.

Flight at the opera Have UK opera companies become unmanageable? Veterans and international leaders gathered on Omaha beach, the most notorious of the five Nonhandy landing points because of heavy US ramiaHias, for the dosing ceremony of Use D-Day commemora- tions.