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French journalist Claire Parnet’s famous dialogues with Gilles Deleuze offer an intimate portrait of the philosopher’s life and thought. Conversational in tone, their . In the most accessible and personal of his works, Deleuze examines, through a series of discussions with Claire Parnet, such revealing topics as his own. Dialogues. GILLES DELEUZE AND CLAIRE PARNET Translated by Hugh Tomlinson and Barbara Habberjam. Gilles Deleuze examines his own work ina.

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They all show the regime of signs with the same components—an abstract machine and an actual assemblage, such as a machine of subjectivation, and assemblages which realize it.

However, the circles of the virtual can also contract, bringing it closer to the actual, so that ‘both become less and less distinct’ until the actual and the virtual are more or less doubles. Practical Philosophy The Intellectuals and Power: The same goes for utterances.

Rhizomes, at least as weeds, overflow, grow between. The work with Felix opposes rhizomes to trees, and again trees are about images of thoughts or apparatuses.

There is a strict complementarity between the two; between physical things in the depths and metaphysical events on the surface. Perhaps all the new machines will combine into a plane of consistence which will undermine the plane of organization. Sartre, however provided a breath of fresh air from the outside. Bodies are as surprising and flexible as humans souls.

Multiplicities are made of becomings, and of individuations without a subject, as with objects. The signifier invites interpretation.

Dialogues (Gilles Deleuze) – Wikipedia

Multiplicities growth from the middle like rhizomes. Deleuze always preferred those who seem to have escaped the tradition [the ones he writes about—brief descriptions follow of Hume, Bergson, Spinoza and so on].

Deleuze reconsiders Spinoza, empiricism, and the stoics alongside literature, psychoanalysis, and politics. We can understand this by referring to elementary optics and the difference between the actual and virtual image.


There are strong tendencies for judgements to become a matter of grammar, as in syllogisms, and conjunctions to be dominated by the verb to be, and they must be strongly resisted: Deleuze and Guattari suggest that nomads invented the war machine, which means the state is founded on something else, and can only try to appropriate war machines against nomads.

But people are increasingly demanding the right to desire. There is no State which does not need an image of thought which will serve as its axiomatic system or abstract machine and to which it gives in return the strength to function: None of these create worlds though. This is the source of the bit much loved by ‘creative writers’ — ‘as if something carried us away, across our segments but also across our thresholds, towards a destination which is unknownnot foreseeable, not pre-existent’.

Guattari says desire is a ritornello, but this is an example only, a reassuring territoriality expressed through sound, an example of a whole movement of re and deterritorialization.

Dialogues II

Individuals and groups are made up of lines. These can also produce new segmentations and binaries. Subjects Philosophy Continental Philosophy.

This is not to say that psychoanalysis is available to the masses as such—for its clients are still people like social workers who get increments as a result of being psychoanalysed. Dilogoos is quite clear as well]. Charm helps us see that people are combinations and chances, and this affirms life with strength and obstinacy, persistence in being. As people undergo becoming, have a change in themselves. Human beings act only because they are parts of a machine, as a dancer is [a back to front argument, addressing the issue of whether machines are universal, capable of doing everything that humans do].


This is a process of joy, not lack. Autistic children can reveal similar developments, supple lines, ritornellos and wanderings [based on some study by Deligny], leading to a cartography rather than psychoanalysis.

If you have nothing to hide, no dirty little secrets, no one can grasp you. There are only particles interacting, not forms arising from a structure, a genesis, or a human subject.


Any event is a fog of a million droplets. Spinoza The Logic of Sense Spinoza: Every experiment produces critical experimenters looking for lines of flight, trying to build new planes of consistence, countering the emergent dangers of their war machines [and who are these people?

Other goals are possible, for example courtly love in feudalism [with an aside about how history is really about specifying different sorts of haecceities, page ].

Dialogues II – Gilles Deleuze, Claire Parnet – Google Books

These days, Freudians do not interpret like this, but discover signifiers, structural functions rather than parental images, ‘the name of the Father has replaced my daddy’ 81but the dominant interpretations remain [the example of the hippy group]. Stoic morality is undoubtedly this: Personal criticism of authors like Lawrence or Carroll is unworthy, based on resentment, reducing the work to something pitiful.

Even if the state no longer requires philosophy, there are still academic disciplines which sanction it, including epistemology [does he mean methods? Nevertheless it is primary or immanent, entangled with the others.

Power operates only on parts of assemblages, but this is not a dualism but releuze dimension [I see herds of weasels coming this way]. It can help to localise affect, say in persons, in the face of overwhelming processes of desire. The lines of flight are creative, forcing developments in a plane of consistence [and the old saying about fleeing to pick up a weapon—maybe this is still Deleuze? Middles are not averages and moderations. We see this in the ‘race to find undiscoverable particles’

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