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04/30/ at p.m.; Recorded on April 30, , p.m.. 9 views. Materiais. Description. Estudo do decreto / Category Education. Show more. , de 12 abril , D.O.R.J., de [hereinafter Decreto No. ]. It S.A. (Petrobras), the company created in to carry out the activities of the monopoly.7 .. , de 24 de agosto de , D.O.U., de That is really no improvement from the prior standard, where Petrobras had the right by regulation (i.e., Decreto 2, of , see ) to.

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The choice between different types of public procurement proceeding does not lie at the sole discretion of the Public Administration and will vary according to the complexity and value of the agreement, which requires a case-by-case analysis.

However, it is more similar to an administrative agreement than to a concession agreement. Food, Drugs, Healthcare, Life Sciences. In the past, this was considered a controversial topic, based on the rationale that public interest considered a non-disposable right was at stake. Since it could be argued that the preference margin rule is not compatible with the principle of equality among bidders, this may result in challenges to its application in the future.

The winner acquires the right to enter into a government agreement with the Public Administration, and any changes in the qualifying order of the bidders are expressly forbidden. All existing draft bills are based on the assumption that the relationship between representatives and the constituency is inherent to democracy.

Media, Telecoms, IT, Entertainment. The statute of limitations for the imposition of administrative penalties is generally 5 five years. In addition to the specific remedies provided in the PPL, the parties are always entitled to seek any rights they might have by resorting to the Judiciary as generally ensured by the Federal Constitution and the rules governing judicial proceedings.

Should the public disbursements surpass the fiscal year January, 1 through December, 31 they shall also be in compliance with the Multi-year Government Plan, which is valid for a four-year term.

In decretp, such type of public procurement proceeding is not applied when the Public Administration procures works and engineering services, since they are complex services and cannot be specified through usual market definitions.

Uruguay has updated their anti-money laundering and terrorism laws affecting the free trade zones in the country.

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A stronger culture of enforcement has started to develop in the 22745 15 years following privatisation efforts and the opening eecreto different economic sectors to private players, including foreign investments. Article 33 of the PPL allows the Public Administration to accept the participation of interested parties organised as a consortium in the public procurement proceeding.

The Bidding Committee cannot decide on the winning bidder or on debriefing bidders at its sole discretion or based on criteria different from those established in the request for tenders.

A PPP agreement cannot be entered into with the sole purpose of executing public works, supply of workers, or installation and supply of equipment. News About this Firm. MP is yet to be converted into a law by the Brazilian Congress. In addition, interested parties and third parties may file a complaint addressed to the applicable Audit Courts, which are administrative Courts responsible for controlling acts performed by governmental entities involved in public procurement proceedings and administrative agreements.


It allows several public entities to carry out a collective bidding process with the purpose of listing different suppliers and their corresponding price offers.

Also, it has been generally accepted that governmental entities may be submitted to arbitration in Brazil.

decreto petrobras pdf free – PDF Files

Preference of bidders due to their nationality, head office or domicile location, as well as any other irrelevant circumstances with regard to the assets or services to be acquired, are expressly forbidden.

In any case, the imposition of penalties by the Public Administration shall be preceded by an administrative process, in which the legal defence of the private party is guaranteed. In addition, documents proving that the interested parties do not employ workers younger than 18 years old in night shifts and dangerous or hazardous activities, as well as workers younger than 16 years old in any position, except for apprentices, are also required.

All acts performed by public entities must be in compliance with the principles set forth by article 37 of the Brazilian Federal Constitution.

The PPL regulates the execution of government agreements for the purchase of goods or the rendering of services to Public Administration entities, as petrobrqs as agreements for the sale of publicly-owned goods and assets. Public procurement proceedings carried out through Live Actions do not have this phase.

Regarding the specific case of agreements, since the main purpose of public procurement proceedings is to assure the compliance of the principle of equality and select the most advantageous tender made to the Public Administration, in both technical and economic aspects, article 3 of the PPL, which sets forth that principles of equality, petrobrss, abidance by the bid document, sustainable national development, objective decretoo and other related principles, such as the lowest-price principle, must also be considered.

The private party may also seek the early termination of the petrobfas by mutual consent, or through a judicial decision. These penalties will involve the prohibition to participate in public procurement proceedings, to receive government incentives, besides the applicable civil and criminal liabilities.

The deadline for the reconsideration request, also detailed in question 5. PPPs were introduced in Brazil as concession agreements of two different types: The central concern of the Decree seems to be to give publicity to actions taken for the defense of human rights within the corporate environment.

These principles are of the utmost importance when interpreting the rules ptrobras the PPL.

However, before starting public procurement proceedings the relevant contracting entity shall assess whether the public disbursements under the contract are in compliance with their budget allocation established in the Budget Law, which is approved by the Brazilian Congress on an annual basis. For the procedures carried out in accordance with the RDC rules, the judgment of tenders can also be processed by the criteria of the highest discount or highest economic return for the government contracting entity.

However, interested parties have a term of only 3 petrobrs business days before the date scheduled for the opening of proposals. However, there is an exception in cases of challenging the bid document, which, according to article 41 of the PPL, must be decerto within 3 three days counted from the date the appeal was filed. Recently, petrorbas PPP law has been amended by President Dilma Roussseff through Provisional Measuredated as of August 7, “MP “which changed the rules applicable to the pecuniary compensation paid by the Federal Government in connection with the PPP contracts, defined under MP as “capital contribution”.


Specialist advice should be sought about your specific circumstances. Cases in which bidding processes are not required are provided by article petrobrras of the PPPL, and refer peetrobras the unique characteristics of the object or the proceeding, as well as the exclusive nature of a supplier or the notorious expertise of a service provider making the competition among bidders unfeasible. More from this Firm.

MP also increased the percentage of the Federal Government’s net revenues allocated to pecuniary obligations under the PPP contracts. It is a mere option that may be granted or not by the Public Administration, according to the complexity of the agreement’s object. One could also file a writ of mandamus to prevent general violations of private parties’ rights in case such abuse derives from an illegal act performed by a public authority.

Rules set forth by the PPL are also applied to Judiciary and Legislative bodies in relation to agreements for the purchase of goods and services, which are considered agreements of a government nature. Nevertheless, article of the Brazilian Federal Constitution allows public companies and mixed-capital companies that develop economic activities to have their public procurement proceedings regulated by a specific law. Competitive Bidding, Request for Quotation and Invitation to Bid must be necessarily applied to agreements regarding civil works, engineering services and other complex works, and the choice between them shall be made based on the work’s value.

In a competitive bidding, the request for tenders shall be published at least 45 days before the date scheduled for tender submission. Countries In Latin America. Exceptions to this rule include agreements for the rendering of services with ongoing execution, construction works, projects included in the Multi-year Government Plan, among others cases.

If applicable to a particular proceeding, the preference margin granted to Brazilian products and services shall also be taken into account please see question 1. The judgment of tenders shall be straight and objective, based on criteria established in the bid document, as well as the following: Therefore, such costs must be added to the actual income and CSLL calculation basis to the extent they are realised through depreciation, amortisation, offset or extinction of deceto.

The PPL provides exceptions to the obligation of performing a public procurement proceeding and, therefore, admits the direct contracting for the acquisition of goods and services in cases of: If not, what are the underlying principles governing these issues?