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Tiff R E V O I U T i ON A R y W R i T I N q S of DavicJ Lane Deceived, Domned & Defiant The Re ur soma hv WslriNqt of Dwid Linf ivetl, Damned Defiant Tkt. Deceived, Damned, and Defiant: The Revolutionary Writings of David Lane is a book collecting all the works of the Wotanist and White. David Lane – Deceived Damned and Defiant. Identifier DavidLane- DeceivedDamnedAndDefiant. Identifier-ark ark://t0cv5rc4p.

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Jeffrey Diehl rated it liked it Apr 16, On the surface the U. I was totally enchanted. Whatever or whoever performs valuable service for the system is a tool of the enemy which must be decommissioned. The bad ones are always those who think they enhance their own stature by making life miserable for men in chains.

They are designed so there is no defense. If the Constitution said, “A man charged with a crime and arrested has a right to a trial in 3 days. If not, and the Whit race goes the way of the dinosaurs, then the last generation of White children, including yours, will pay for your vile complicity at the hands of the colored races who will inherit the world. The ZOG minions will not voluntarily give up power because among other reasons, we are going to execute them for treason against nature’s highest law.

He informed me that my lady friend had suffered a fatal accident shortly before the indictment was handed down. Will the generation that destroyed the future of our children finally face up to their guilt and complicity?

They urinated in mop buckets of dirty water and threw them in my cell, then would not allow me out to clean up. However, it was about CE when Jewry hired Constantine and a degenerate Roman Empire to murder everyone in Europe who would not accept a new religion with Jews as God’s Chosen people.

David Lane – Deceived Damned and Defiant : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

The inspiration and life of the movement comes from individuals who almost inevitably are either decfived or imprisoned. We must reach into the son Is of our I’olk and hricMik the yoke of deception so tight Jy saddled by pervasive and persistent enemy propaganda. It is the capitalist way.

In the language of the Gnostics, the seven seals of Revelation are opened here and the seven spirits of God are discovered. WOTAN has the complete revolutionary attitude. Brian Sleister is currently reading it Mar 10, At the same time they condemn Masonry as an anti-Christian conspiracy.


However, damjed the Mystery or Pagan religions all were free to pursue deeper knowledge, to “believe” or to ignore both science and religion altogether. This short book will provide a concise introduction to the teachings of the ancients and to the devices by which their wisdom and teachings were preserved down through the ages.

Oral Roberts, Jimmy Swaggart and Billy Graham preach the wonders of racial mixing and suicide, for Jesus loves every fellow, black, white, red or yellow. Additionally, due to heavy taxation, the proceeds being given to Coloreds to breed like flies, we are a comparatively old race.

Lunch hours and evenings were spent stuffing them in books in libraries, bookstores and placing them under automobile windshield wipers. The relevant statistic to survival is the number of White women of childbearing age or younger. We deeceived remember this maxim when reading establishment versions seceived past events.

Deceived, Damned, and Defiant

We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children. Sigurd Kveldulf added it Aug 04, It is evidenced in Gothic cathedrals, vast Hindu temples, the marvels of Egypt, the seven wonders of the ancient world and other sacred works. But I had been to the first grade at the little country school and there I saw Mary. She even worked in a shipyard building “Liberty Ships” during America’s great war to murder the White race and destroy the liberty camned all men everywhere.

When the intent, identified above all else by the effect of existing and ruling institutions, is destructive to a people, then the circumstances must be presented to all men of good conscience. Sentinel rated it it was amazing Jul 31, The author of this Manifesto, his comrades, both in chains and out, and others retaining their powers of reason stand in opposition. At any rate, my sister after some legal shenanigans was able to locate three other siblings and our mother in Much of the time I was the only White.

It is beyond just setting priorities. It is a sad story for which I blame an alien religion and an evil country. What else she was forced znd do, I do not know and do not want to know. XXV we set out to deefiant our own course which was necessary to replace the alien institutions which enslave ow people, pervert ow history and deprive us of our heritage. While some of those who attended that meeting, myself included, could well say, “had we not done so we would not now be spending our lives in prison under ridiculously long sentences of up to wnd lifetimes,” we could, also, perhaps say, “had we not met Bob we would not be fulfilling some duty or destiny on behalf of our race.


Their names are Kenneth Loff and Thomas Martinez. Even at that I presented my so-called defense lawyer with a defense that I believe would have easily cleared me of all charges if he had the integrity or courage to use it.

The major segments are the overt or open cadre, who are the propaganda arm, and the military arm. In the next few years they had four children, my older brother, Roger, who was two years my senior, my older sister, Jane, who is one year older than I, and a younger sister, Judy. Due to massive media demoniMtion of our ideals, the masses do nut yet identity wath our goal, biological survival. It is the reality that the beauty of the White Aryan woman may soon cease to exist on earth that tortures my soul.

Unceasing and usually spurious wailings about “anti-semitism” will not change facts. Of course, in occupied countries, the overt arm of the revolution must not detail specifics.

Today old Aurora is all colored and no White person is safe. As a poor boy I worked summers on farms, elsewhere during the school year. The generations which caused and allowed our race to reach the abyss are hopeless.

But pick one who has demonstrated devotion and dedication to his people. It is vefiant technique of double-think that neutralizes, because no one takes action against that which they perceive as “theirs.